6 hours ago
Philip Hammond is set to provide emergency funding but health service bosses say it does not go far enoughPhilip Hammond is to give the NHS an emergency cash injection in the budget, though the chancellor will disappoint health service bosses by increasing funding by far less than they believe is ne[...]
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9 hours ago
Bill Gates and Warren Buffett’s Giving Pledge has encouraged donations, research by Coutts and University of Kent findsRich people, foundations and companies in the UK donated a record £1.83bn to charities last year, as high profile philanthropy schemes such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffett’s G[...]
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10 hours ago
It was introduced to simplify benefits and encourage people to work. Yet from a bungled rollout to Kafkaesque rules and the infamous six-week payment delay, universal credit has caused untold misery. John Harris meets people who have had their lives turned upside down. Photograph by Mark Pinder for [...]
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12 hours ago
Bringing back rare beetles and butterflies might sound self-indulgent, but it proves that individuals can make an impactThe swelteringly hot summer of 1976 was the last gasp for the chequered skipper, a dynamic little butterfly that once buzzed along the rides of the ancient royal hunting forest of [...]
13 hours ago
Findings raise questions over whether dual role makes councils less inclined to regulate standards in private rental sectorHundreds of local councillors in England’s rental hotspots are landlords or own second properties, including more than a third of members in some town halls, analysis for the [...]
13 hours ago
Injecting morality into films is ‘like pouring cola into a Château Lafite’, one critic of idea declaresThe French actor Jean-Paul Belmondo spent almost an entire film – the 1960s classic À Bout du Souffle (Breathless) – with a Gauloise dangling from his lips. Audrey Tautou portrayed the de[...]
16 hours ago
Smoking and drinking among young people is at lowest level on record. We’d like you to tell us what you think about the change in trendsYoung people in England born since the turn of the century are the most clean-living generation in recent times, with the rates of those choosing to smoke cigaret[...]
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18 hours ago
Smartphones offer an opportunity to get information into the hands of those who need it most; complaining from the sidelines is futileThe launch of the GP at Hand app-based primary care service in London has been met with accusations that it is damaging the NHS. The service is being run by a practic[...]
19 hours ago
Opposition calls for major changes, including cuts to the six-week period that claimants have to wait for paymentsLabour has unveiled a list of demands to improve the rollout of universal credit, seeking to keep up the pressure on Philip Hammond over the issue before Wednesday’s budget.The shadow [...]
20 hours ago
Philip Hammond has little room for manoeuvre on public services, but needs to act on housing and health, as well as letting councils know where they standBy early afternoon on 22 November, we will know the chancellor’s answers for next year to the two eternal questions of public spending – how b[...]
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21 hours ago
Don’t blame the 92% of English councils that haven’t built enough homes. Their hands have been tied by central government
England is not building enough homes. Recently released estimates of housing need show that of the 265,936 homes needed in 2015-16, only 189,650 were built – a 29% shor[...]
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22 hours ago
The Wayback project recreates coronation day in 1953 on 3D film using actors, period costumes and props, right down to fish-paste sandwiches. The effect is to bring back vivid memories for those struggling with the presentIn a comfortable armchair, glass of sherry at her side, Elspeth Ford is gettin[...]
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1 day ago
Thinktank says consumption of fruit and vegetables could be hit by exchange rates, tariffs and higher labour costsFive-a-day eating targets for fruit and vegetables could become unaffordable for millions of low-income families as a result of Brexit-related food price rises, a report says.The Food Fo[...]
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1 day ago
The chancellor told the BBC that heads of public services always predict ‘Armageddon’ in the run-up to a budgetPhilip Hammond has dismissed calls from the head of the NHS for an emergency cash injection of £4bn, as he said people running public services always predict ”Armageddon” before a [...]
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1 day ago
Alongside the human costs, cuts have hurt our economy, and we’ve now reached a dangerous tipping point, say Joseph Stiglitz, Ha-Joon Chang and 111 othersSeven years of austerity has destroyed lives. An estimated 30,000 excess deaths can be linked to cuts in NHS spending and the social care crisis [...]
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1 day ago
The real story of Hull’s year as City of Culture is how it’s transformed the lives of local people. Here they discuss 2017’s highlights – and what its legacy might beIn July 2016, Sheila Annis and her daughter Caron Mincke saw an ad for volunteers for Hull UK City of Culture. “We fancied h[...]
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1 day ago
Labor’s Tanya Plibersek criticises ‘idiocy’ of online event listing, which has since been taken downThe City of Sydney council has been criticised for publicising an anti-vaccination event on the “what’s on” part of its website, with politicians and doctors demanding it be removed.The $1[...]
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2 days ago
It was the oldest asylum in the Balkans. Now the doors are unlocked and patients are living new lives in the communityHigh walls still surround the oldest asylum in the Balkans, an 18th-century building pocked with the artillery scars of last century’s civil war, but the gates are no longer locked[...]
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2 days ago
Whether abuse is in the classroom, the media or the trans debate, it represses free speechAmong the highlights of the just-concluded Anti-Bullying Week, a schools event since 2004, was the launch by Prince William of a taskforce on the prevention of cyberbullying and its first video – What to do i[...]
2 days ago
A specialist NHS centre in London is helping thousands of young people who are having difficulties with gender identityAt a time when transgender issues occupy the centreground of today’s culture wars, a clinic in an unpreposessing 1920s office block in north-west London has found itself on the fr[...]
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2 days ago
Ministers and employers are recognising the importance of 6.5 million unpaid carers, but have yet to produce concrete plansI welcome your call for a bigger debate about the extent and limits of familial responsibility (“Family life is changing as never before”, Editorial, last week). This debate[...]
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2 days ago
Official edicts to banish long trolley waits and treatment in corridors are deluded, say trustsHealth service chiefs have been declared “barking mad” for ordering hospitals to ensure no patient is treated in a corridor or languishes on a trolley for hours when this year’s winter crisis hits.NH[...]
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2 days ago
Cross-party support for amendment looks likely to lead to defeat for the government, which favours a code of practiceTechnology firms could be subjected to tough new regulations to protect the privacy and mental health of children as a result of a cross-party campaign that is likely to inflict a def[...]
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2 days ago
Group tells Theresa May health system has been failing patients and calls for public sector pay cap for NHS workers to be liftedNinety MPs including several senior Tories have urged Theresa May to launch a cross-party convention on the future of the NHS and social care in England.Sarah Wollaston, ch[...]
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2 days ago
My small charity team provides vital early help for vulnerable children, but devastating cuts mean we are being left to pick up the pieces when crisis hitsWhen a teenage girl came to our early intervention service recently to help her to work through past domestic violence, it soon became clear she [...]