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11 hours ago
Housing professionals are ideally placed to identify domestic violence. With a bit more understanding, tragedies could be avoided Aisha Sharif is development manager at Domestic Abuse Housing Alliance‘We’d be walking on eggshells’: Christmas offers no respite from domestic abuse The housing se[...]
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1 day ago
Women’s Aid census shows nine out of 10 victims were murdered by someone they knewOf the 113 women killed by men in England, Wales and Northern Ireland last year, 85 died in their homes, according to the Femicide Census, an annual analysis by the charity Women’s Aid.Nine in 10 women killed durin[...]
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1 day ago
New figures reveal that girls, young women and black people are more likely to be held down by staff on wardsPatients in mental health units were physically restrained by staff more than 80,000 times last year in Britain, including 10,000 who were held face down or given injections to subdue them, n[...]
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2 days ago
My staff and I hear gruelling accounts of human cruelty and provide a safe space, but constant funding pressure means we may not be here in five years’ timeBecky Rogerson is the chief executive of My Sisters Place‘We’d be walking on eggshells’: Christmas offers no respite from domestic abuse[...]
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2 days ago
en and women segregate themselves by major. Men major in engineering and computer science; women major in nursing, education, social work. That’s the conclusion from a forthcoming study to be published by Georgetown University’s Center on Education ...
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3 days ago
This Christmas thousands of women and children will wake up in a refuge. But government plans mean those refuge doors could all be closed in 2018Many of us see the festive period as a chance to spend quality time with our favourite people. But for thousands of people, it will only offer more of what[...]
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4 days ago
Research shows small increase in risk until about five years after contraception is stopped, despite hopes that newer types might prove saferAll forms of the pill and other hormonal contraception carry a small risk of breast cancer, which lasts for about five years after women stop taking it, accord[...]
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4 days ago
Oxford University team calls for mandatory clinical trials for invasive devices following scandal that emerged this yearWomen have been exposed to unnecessary harm due to poor regulation for vaginal mesh products, medical experts have warned.
The team, from the University of Oxford, have called f[...]
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5 days ago
Australian health minister hears stories from women with disease before setting up national plan to improve treatmentThe Turnbull government announced on Wednesday that it will create the first national action plan for endometriosis to improve the treatment, understanding and awareness of a disease [...]
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6 days ago
The OECD wants all countries to think about how policies will impact on women. Let’s take our cue from Sweden, where even snow-clearing considers genderWhen people think of gender equality, they probably don’t immediately think of snow. But the small Swedish city of Karlskoga did just that, when[...]
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6 days ago
The co-founder of a company that trains the NHS, police and others who support survivors says that without a national programme, vital help is at risk“Often people do not realise how prolific sexual violence is,” says Stephanie Reardon, 37, who runs a training organisation that aims to improve h[...]
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6 days ago
Former integration tsar says UK government is too focused on Brexit negotiations to tackle domestic problemsThe former integration tsar, Dame Louise Casey, has attacked the government for doing “absolutely nothing” about community cohesion a year after she published a study on ministers’ failu[...]
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1 week ago
New rules removing time limit and allowing admission of fresh categories of evidence will come into force in JanuaryTime limits preventing victims of domestic violence from obtaining legal aid for court hearings will be scrapped from January, the Ministry of Justice has announced.The heavily critici[...]
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1 week ago
The Delhi student’s death sparked protest across the country, but campaigners, including Singh’s parents, say not enough has been done to keep women safeJyoti Singh stood by the side of the road, wrapped up from the chill of a Delhi winter evening, looking out for the headlights of a bus. It was[...]
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1 week ago
Three nations blame social media for fall in number of girls given cervical cancer jabsHealth officials have become increasingly alarmed at campaigns aimed at blocking the take-up of the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine, which protects women against cervical cancer.Three leading nations have now [...]
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1 week ago
acob Stock, a volunteer advocate at the center and a social work major at Winona State University, helps work the crisis line, talking with survivors and connecting them with the resources they need. “We really serve as a first responder in these ...
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1 week ago
Lendwithcare says its ‘microloans’ are proven to empower women and lift them out of povertyGive the gift that will help smash the patriarchy. That’s the proposition from aid charity Care International UK, which is offering an ethical Christmas gift that is “academically proven” to lif[...]
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1 week ago
Women will need the test for the human papillomavirus (HPV) every five years rather than a pap smear every two yearsWomen are being urged to take part in an updated national screening program that promises to protect millions from cervical cancer.Women now only have to undergo the new test every fiv[...]
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1 week ago
Charles Dickens was a wonderful storyteller but his own backstory was less than honourable when it came to women, says Rosanna Achilleos-SarllSurely Charles Dickens’ name is not one to bring up when addressing the effects of funding cuts on vulnerable women seeking refuge (A scandal Dickens would [...]
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1 week ago
Therapeutic Goods Administration says the risk to patients using the mesh products to treat pelvic floor organ prolapse outweighs the benefits Transvaginal mesh products used by surgeons to treat pelvic organ prolapse have been quietly banned overnight by Australia’s medical devices regulator, whi[...]
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1 week ago
Domineering behaviour and sexism have dogged the medical profession, especially among surgeons. Now victims are being taught to fight back“What can be perceived as harmless banter or acceptable behaviour by some people for decades can actually be deeply offensive, or even abusive,” says Judy Eva[...]
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1 week ago
Women’s Aid says 39% of refuges will have to close in England under plans to remove supported housing from welfare systemMore than 4,000 vulnerable women and children fleeing domestic abuse will be unable to access a refuge if government plans to remove guaranteed funding for the service go ahead,[...]
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1 week ago
Boys are more likely to have asthma than girls, but the situation reverses with adolescence, prompting researchers to examine role sex hormones might play
The puzzle of why asthma is about twice as common in women as men may have been solved, according to researchers who say it might partly be do[...]
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1 week ago
With the UK government planning to change funding for women’s refuges, we’d like to hear your experiences
According to campaigners, vulnerable women and children will be put at risk after the Department for Communities and Local Government set out plans to take away the entitlement to housing[...]
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1 week ago
It’s the high-profile celebrity cases that get all the attention, but in an organisation as big as the NHS, many women will have experiences like mineA few weeks before I sat my medical finals, a male surgeon of the old-school variety flashed up the next slide in his revision lecture on breast can[...]
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3 weeks ago
STATEMENT: The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) has joined other members of the Coalition to End Violence Against Women and Girls Globally to welcome the introduction of the International Violence Against Women Act (IVAWA) in the Senate. The legislation was introduced by Sens. Jeanne Sh[...]

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Social workers work with clients who face various disadvantages due to social stigma, discrimination, and oppression. These disadvantages range from race, to ethnic origins, to gender, to sexual orientation, and beyond. One important factor in social stigma and discrimination that social workers nee[...]
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