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19 hours ago
Research shows that younger workers in part-time or temporary work are more likely to be anxious or depressed. We’d like you to share your experiencesMillennials in part-time and temporary work are more likely to experience poor mental health, a leading thinktank has said.A new report from the Ins[...]
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23 hours ago
OLUMBIA— Twice a year, homeless people in Columbia can get a variety of services for free thanks to volunteers from all over town. Project Homeless Connect is held at the Family Impact Center. The project allows homeless people in Columbia to pick up ...
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1 day ago
In Kind Direct charity warns of ‘hidden crisis’ facing thousands after it distributes £20.2m of hygiene products in one yearGrowing numbers of people are facing hygiene poverty, where they are unable to afford essential products such as shampoo and deodorant, and are having to choose between ea[...]
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1 day ago
Our readers respond to news that doctors have urged the government to bring in minimum unit pricing for alcohol as research reveals the extent of liver diseaseYour article (Doctors warn of soaring UK alcohol deaths, 24 July) did not refer to an important element in the question of “soaring alcohol[...]
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1 day ago
City council under fire after legal notices pinned to rough sleepers’ bags left in shop doorwaysHomeless people putting their possessions in shop doorways in Oxford have been threatened with fines of up to £2,500.Legal notices have been pinned on to bags belonging to rough sleepers, warning that [...]
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1 day ago
Takeaway outlets are proliferating and life expectancy has stalled. This clear correlation is the sign of a society at a tipping point

• Faiza Shaheen is the director of the Centre of Labour and Social StudiesThere’s something fishy going on. In the last 10 days we’ve heard that lif[...]
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1 day ago
n increase to BC disability and welfare rates will improve the lives of those living in poverty, but more help is needed, according to local poverty advocates. Premier John Horgan announced on Thursday, July 20, that his government would be following ...
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1 day ago
Benefits put a roof over my head when I was 17, says shadow housing minister Melanie Onn. But it’s not so easy nowMelanie Onn, the Labour MP for Great Grimsby and new shadow housing minister, grew up in the town she has represented in parliament since 2015. Onn, who worked in Labour’s compliance[...]
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1 day ago
Marks & Spencer says high-pitched alarm that kept rough sleepers awake is no longer in use at store in IlfordA group of rough sleepers have called on Marks & Spencer to apologise for “tormenting” them with a high-pitched alarm while they have been bedding down behind one of its stores.Th[...]
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2 days ago
‘Holiday hunger’ means charities are stepping in to replace free school meals outside term time. Without us, struggling families go hungryJulie Coates is manager of Hailsham food bank, East SussexWhen politicians talk about holiday hunger, they always make it seem like an abstract idea; a recent[...]
2 days ago
No fault evictions allow private landlords to turf tenants out without any reason. It’s legal but its use is on the rise and it needs to stopDan Wilson Craw is director of Generation RentFor every school in England there are five children without a home. The Local Government Association reports th[...]
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2 days ago
In 2010, Barking and Dagenham became the first UK council to try to limit its number of fast food outlets, in response to a ‘health crisis affecting our young people’. So has it worked?Interactive map: how many takeaways are near you?It is too early to say whether Roziur Choudhury is the future [...]
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2 days ago
New data shows number of fast food outlets in England has increased by 4,000 since 2014, sparking fears that councils are losing battle to limit obesity levelsInteractive map: how many takeaways are near you?The total number of takeaway food shops in England has risen by 4,000 in the past three year[...]
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3 days ago
Under-fours made up 27% of the children receiving emergency food supplies last July and August, Trussell Trust research showsHalf of the children needing help from food banks last summer were in primary school and more than a quarter were under the age of five, according to research.
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3 days ago
Drinks industry body takes on Scottish government in supreme court over proposals to bring in 50 per unit minimum priceThe Scotch whisky industry has attacked proposals to implement a 50p minimum price for alcohol in Scotland as a “blunt instrument” that breaches EU law.Aidan O’Neill QC, actin[...]
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3 days ago
Technology feeds social exclusion and without the means to access support online, young people can get trapped in a cycle of disadvantage and vulnerabilityChris Ashworth is programme director at Nominet TrustIt’s barely a few hundred yards, but might as well be 100 miles. MediaCity in Salford Quay[...]
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3 days ago
Housing associations are beset by cuts, but will survive – the real victims of the crisis are the most vulnerable people in societyDavid Ireland is director of the Building and Social Housing FoundationIn the past seven years there has been a systematic reduction in social housing. Since 2010, the[...]
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5 days ago
Charities demand action to tackle toll of soaring housing costs, welfare cuts and ‘no fault’ evictionsA record number of renters are being evicted from their homes, with more than 100 tenants a day losing the roof over their head, according to a shocking analysis of the nation’s housing crisis[...]
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6 days ago
Kensington and Chelsea borough provides an extreme example of what happens when inequality is entrenched by council decisionsOn Wednesday evening, I attended the first open council meeting of Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea council (RBKC) since the Grenfell Tower fire. The last meeting barre[...]
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6 days ago
When private developers move in, the first eviction is accountability – then tenants’ complaints procedures and safety. Zoe Williams reveals the truth about for-profit council estatesBy 2004, Myatts Field North in Lambeth, south London, was a byword for what goes wrong on a housing estate. It ha[...]
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1 week ago
The government’s proposed welfare reforms will push already vulnerable people further into poverty and increase stigma around addictionCatherine Yeomans is the chief executive officer of Mission Australia The federal government has put forward further cuts to our social security system that will m[...]
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1 week ago
Government policy means Kensington and Chelsea had £274m in reserves, but an £87m housing deficit – and other councils are in the same boatMany events and decisions have come under scrutiny in light of the Grenfell Tower catastrophe. These include the use flammable cladding, compromised compartm[...]
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1 week ago
Two reviews want to hear from children and adults with experience of the care systemJimmy Paul is a care experienced adultPeople who have experienced care remain one of the most neglected and stigmatised groups in society. Their outcomes continue to be poor compared with peers who have not been in c[...]
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1 week ago
Sunderland council’s decision to end hostel-based accommodation for young people in favour of a housing first approach is worrying
Centrepoint’s contract to provide supported accommodation for homeless young people with Sunderland city council ended last week. Instead, the council has chose[...]
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1 week ago
Cuts have decimated council funding for parks but, as a new report shows, there is a great green blob of people who want to get involved – let’s use them

Like many people who care about the environment, I’m sometimes guilty of assuming that others don’t care enough to take grassro[...]
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The conditions of the rural white working class and poor have been receiving increased attention lately. What do we really know about this demographic? Studies of their conditions could help illuminate their lives and highlight the social needs of this population. In a recent issue of the NASW Press[...]

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The “feminization of homelessness” is a growing social problem. In 2010, the last year for which such data were available, 37.2 percent of all homeless people were in families with children, and the overwhelming majority of these families were female-headed. Group participation provides homeless[...]
1 week ago
By Maren Dale, News contributor Although progress continues to be made toward lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) equality in the U.S. — as evidenced by marriage equality and better recognition of and respect for people who identify as LGBTQ — this progress is not felt by[...]
49 weeks ago
By Paul R. Pace, News staff Eight countries across sub-Saharan Africa have made significant progress strengthening their social service workforces in the past five years, according to a newly released report by the Global Social Service Workforce Alliance. Social service workers create protective en[...]
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The Times reports on the Last Homeless Man in Times Square:As long as there have been homeless people sleeping in Times Square, there have been social workers and city officials trying to persuade them to leave.
In the past, the homeless were offered a free ride to one of the city’s warehouse[...]
383 weeks ago
From the NYT:The Bloomberg administration said Friday that the number of people living on New York’s streets and subways soared 34 percent in a year, signaling a setback in one of the city’s most intractable problems.
Appearing both startled and dismayed by the sharp increase, a year after [...]