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12 hours ago
t's speculative nonsense, I'm not going to indulge this fantasy,' the social services minister told ABC radio on Tuesday. Mr Hockey was a 'great bloke and doing a tremendous job', he added. Earlier, Immigration Minister Mr Dutton condemned unnamed cabinet ...
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4 days ago
n January, 10 suspects were detained and two children with them taken into the care of social services after they were seen walking along the M25 near Cobham services in the early hours of the morning.
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5 days ago
Now revived by David Cameron, the right to buy social housing was a key Conservative policy in the 80s: populist, profitable, and with its disastrous effects yet to comeIn August 1980 Margaret Thatcher’s first government, barely a year old but already deeply unpopular and bogged down by problems, [...]
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1 week ago
Twice as many men are in ‘jail within a jail’ close supervision centres in England as in 2005, half of them Muslim, says chief inspectorThe number of the most dangerous male prisoners in England being held in a special “jail within a jail” system has doubled over the past decade, inspectors [...]
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1 week ago
The food bank I run is set to provide over 50,000 meals through some 41 tons of food this year, in neighbourhoods ranked among the top 10% most-deprived in England. Yet, day after day, the primary emotion of service-users visiting me is not so much hunger and thirst but shame and degradation. Man af[...]
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1 week ago
e reward that child with U.S. citizenship and guarantee a full access to all public and social services this society provides – and that’s a lot of services.” Donald Trump’s immigration is overwhelmingly popular with the American electorate– but ...
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2 weeks ago
ore people means more need for provision – and it’s vital we address that.” Ann Buchanan, professor of social work at Oxford University, said the growing number of large families is driven by rising levels of immigration. She also said that the ...
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2 weeks ago
t’s understandable given Trump’s identity politics play that he would continue on this line of thought – that terrible immigrants are destroying our economy, and terrible children of illegal immigrants are so burdening our social services that they ...
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2 weeks ago
he Affordable Care Act would destroy the nation’s health system, and immigration reform would topple our social service network. None of that has happened. But in all seriousness, we must recognize that continued GOP inaction on climate change could ...
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2 weeks ago
Manifesto proposal to remove in-work benefits from immigrants would also have to apply to UK nationals aged between 18 and 22, lawyers believeDavid Cameron has refused to deny that he is considering plans to stop young Britons claiming in-work benefits – an idea that emerged when the government wa[...]
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2 weeks ago
n December 2014, Texas and 25 other states sued to block President Obama’s DAPA and DACA directives, arguing against the costs of having to issue driver’s licenses and social services to illegal immigrants; the states also questioned the legality of ...
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2 weeks ago
‘One day I realised I had grown up in a place that had been ghettoised,’ says photographer Mahtab Hussain, whose series Muslim Ghettos shows the areas of Birmingham shaped by immigration. His photographs document the poverty in communities like Small Heath, Sparkhill, Sparkbrook and Alum Rock, w[...]
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2 weeks ago
Criticism from the media and public shows no sign of abating. Matthew Jenkin asks how the sector should respondThe financial operations of charities are making headlines yet again. The storm surrounding the closure of the Kids Company continues to grab column inches, while fundraising techniques hav[...]
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3 weeks ago
Guardian research contradicts government claims that only a small minority of jobseekers have been affected by increasingly severe welfare policies The government has significantly understated the impact of its benefit sanctions regime, according to Guardian research that shows one in six of all job[...]
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4 weeks ago
Young white people more likely than black or minority ethnic teenagers to try or regularly use tobacco or electronic cigarettes according to new figuresE-cigarette use by 15-year-olds mirrors the trend for teenagers’ tobacco smoking, generally being higher in the more deprived parts of England, ac[...]
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4 weeks ago
The communities secretary Greg Clark says the government is cracking down on landlords who exploit illegal immigrants and undermine the immigration system. The new measures – in which the Home Office will serve a legal notice to landlords informing them that their tenant no longer has the right to[...]
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4 weeks ago
To mark Ethnic Minority Cancer Awareness Month, four women share their experiences and tell why attitudes towards the disease need to changeWhen Saroj Sethi was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2002 she was shocked, as anyone would be. But on top of the stress of dealing with the shattering news, the[...]
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5 weeks ago
The future of work is the elephant in the room in the Labour leadership contest (Editorial, 25 July). The pace of change has been scary and can only continue. Zero-hours contracts are just the visible part of a huge shift in work practices, as the traditional job-for-life makes way for a casualised,[...]
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5 weeks ago
Thinktank says minorities twice as likely as white people to lose out from George Osborne’s benefit cuts
The Conservative budget risks widening Britain’s racial divide by making millions of minority ethnic people poorer at a faster rate than their white counterparts, a study has found.
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7 weeks ago
Reduced awareness and stigma around mental health can prevent people from the south Asian community accessing dementia careDifferent cultures have different perceptions of mental illnesses – including dementia. In fact, in the UK, people from the south Asian community are more likely to approach t[...]
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8 weeks ago
It was an easy decision for Girl Scouts of Western Washington to return the money but it was heartbreaking to think of the girls it would have helpedMost people who know about the American Girl Scouts know about our cookies, and the outdoor opportunities we offer, but not everyone knows about our co[...]
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9 weeks ago
GP and graphic novelist Ian Williams on the government’s pledge to deport non-EU workers earning less than £35,000 – and how it might call for a very radical solution in our hospitals
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9 weeks ago
For many, long term care is denied in favour of sectioning and medication, and there is no support after they are releasedRamone is in his mid-20s and with his family emigrated to the UK around 10 years ago from eastern Europe. He developed a severe mental illness that requires long-term care, but i[...]
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9 weeks ago
Campaigners cite stop and search as a key reason why 40% of those behind bars hail from BME background – a greater disproportion than in the USA Guardian analysis of newly released government figures has revealed a shocking increase in the proportion of ethnic minority children and young people be[...]
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10 weeks ago
Royal College of Nursing predicts new rules for non-EU workers earning less than £35,000 will cause chaos for healthcare servicesNew immigration rules that will mean lower-earning non-EU workers being deported will exacerbate the shortage of nurses in the UK and cost the NHS tens of millions in rec[...]
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In the past 30 years, the United States has undergone an unprecedented and accelerated growth in the diversity of its population. These changes affect all elements of our society, underscoring the need for an informed and knowledgeable public that can understand, respect, and communicate with people[...]

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Culture is a word used to describe the way of life for groups who share the same race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, spirituality, socioeconomic status, or other characteristics that influence perceptions, attitudes, and behavior. It is a way for families to preserve and bequeath to future [...]
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The National Association of Social Workers applauds President Obama’s decision to issue an executive action that will likely lead to as many as five million previously undocumented immigrants to be able to remain in the United States. This action was very meaningful to immigrant families with chi[...]
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