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1 day ago
This is [a problem] all over the five boroughs,” said Eduardo Barahona, the executive director of Centro Hispano Cuzcatlan, a social service agency based in Queens that assists South and Central American immigrants with housing. “The landlords ...
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2 days ago
A lack of basic fairness in our economic system is driving inequality to levels that threaten democracy, capitalism and civil society, argues Will Hutton in an extract from his new book• Will Hutton Q&A: ‘It wouldn’t take much to make this country the most dynamic in Europe’ Britain is b[...]
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3 days ago
YANNIS — Catholic Social Services will hold an information session on President Obama's new immigration programs at 6 p.m. Tuesday at the Federated Church at 320 Main St. Participants will get information on who qualifies for new programs designed to ...
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4 days ago
US is divided on race, class, justice and even transport options, while leaders everywhere are failing on equality, says thinktank chief
Racial tensions, class inequalities and unreformed global institutions show that government leaders around the world are failing to deliver social cohesion, US[...]
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5 days ago
olice contacted the Home Office Immigration Enforcement and the 10 adults were interviewed by immigration officers and have been detained, while the two minors were taken into the care of social services. Early shift have already got around 12 people in ...
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6 days ago
Work and pensions committee hears that sanctions have seen millions withheld from claimants since coalition tightened conditionsThere is a broad political consensus that job seekers must fulfill certain obligations as a condition of receiving unemployment benefit. This consensus is breaking down, ho[...]
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6 days ago
The discrimination faced by minority groups in both developing and developed nations will not go away by itself. Governments everywhere must actInclusive growth: how do we include everyone in global prosperity?
Ethnic inequality – the political and economic disadvantages felt by racial minority[...]
Minorities and Immigration
1 week ago
Major survey also finds voters fear that election debate over immigration will be socially divisiveBritain’s religious, racial and community relations may be in peril during a general election campaign likely to be dominated by debates about Europe and immigration, an independent think tank has wa[...]
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1 week ago
ut a turnaround came with Proposition 187, which prohibited people who entered the U.S. illegally from using health care, education or other social services. The 1994 law enacted with encouragement from Republican Gov. Pete Wilson was eventually ...
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1 week ago
ourey wondered if county social services officials could “call law enforcement and go on a fishing expedition” for family information. Hayden, who is black, said people with his ethnic background and others in his Minneapolis community are not ...
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1 week ago
he influx has destabilized social services and pushed wages downward, Ukip and Farage maintain. Continued Farage on FNC: We have, through mass immigration and through not checking the details of those people who have come to our countries, we have allowed ...
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1 week ago
e would have resumed his life in New York, the city where he survived for 24 years as an undocumented immigrant by working menial jobs while also earning two university degrees and running a volunteer social services group, an effort that earned him a ...
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1 week ago
Workforce race equality standard in response to evidence that BME staff under-represented in NHS leadership and over-represented in disciplinary hearingsWhereas 17% of all NHS staff identify as non-white, only 8% on higher grades do so. The proportion is lower still in very senior management and at [...]
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1 week ago
Male staff often invade privacy at immigration detention centre, says charity, and many women already victims of sexual abuseWomen detained in the Yarl’s Wood immigration detention centre are routinely humiliated by male staff who monitor them while they are dressing, showering and using the toile[...]
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2 weeks ago
British midwife and Kenyan teacher have 40 years between them but have formed a strong bond out of shared passionCath Holland and Domtila Chesang speak with the easy affection of best friends. They gently mock each other, finish each other’s sentences and burst into fits of laughter at something t[...]
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2 weeks ago
We have learned that the Vermont DMV at certain locations … has engaged in a systematic effort to entrap undocumented driver license applicants,” stated an advisory to social service agencies in the Bay State. “In some circumstances, applicants ...
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2 weeks ago
30 years ago the liberal left protested alongside French Arabs over a young man’s death in custody. Can that alliance hold?Almost every face and facet of Paris was there: an apparently endless procession of 600,000 people winding along the boulevards through the grey afternoon of 10 December 1986.[...]
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2 weeks ago
hey are that crime on the street will increase, unemployment will increase, social services will cost more ... state budgets are stretched to the point of bankruptcy. These social service costs must be considered in any immigration reform.
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2 weeks ago
Mental health campaigner Lisa Rodrigues is calling for a truce on political point-scoring over the health service

• 2014 was the year the cracks began to show in the NHS
• A new year’s resolution for the NHS: let’s deliver a new leadership approach1. Politicians should call a truce[...]
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2 weeks ago
The vital contribution of the ‘girls who stirred the devil’s porridge’ to Britain’s first world war victory has long been overlookedThe official commemoration of the first world war focused mainly on men. The national leaders and the multitude of troops who fought were men. Some attention ha[...]
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3 weeks ago
Sometimes it helps to find a stand-in for the real argumentWhen Ukip first began to make an impact on the polls early in this parliament, it did what parties that successfully capture the agenda often do. It talked about one thing while meaning another. In Ukip’s case that meant it often inflamed [...]
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3 weeks ago
A lot of businesses there have come to rely on the department's significant presence." The Abbott government decided to keep the Department of Social Services in the Tuggeranong in 2014, after consideration of a new site. It came after lobbying from the ...
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3 weeks ago
he past few years, Wainstein has created a civic group that acts as a social services agency, helping people with taxes, filling out immigration forms, providing English classes, hosting barbeques, scheduling meetings on issues like traffic safety ...
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3 weeks ago
1964 initiative that repealed a fair housing law and a 1994 measure that barred undocumented immigrants from public education and social services were found unconstitutional. Proposition 8, a 2008 initiative that amended the state Constitution to ban ...
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3 weeks ago
As a society we are more scornful of the overweight than we are of those with other unhealthy habitsI have spent much of today wondering if I value advice differently depending on the weight of the person who offers it. I’m pretty sure I don’t, but perhaps I’m deluding myself. A new survey fro[...]
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9 weeks ago
The National Association of Social Workers applauds President Obama’s decision to issue an executive action that will likely lead to as many as five million previously undocumented immigrants to be able to remain in the United States. This action was very meaningful to immigrant families with chi[...]

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14 weeks ago
By Rena Malai, News staff Social workers can be instrumental in helping unaccompanied, undocumented minors find legal representation and other services once they cross the border into the United States. Tens of thousands of minors have arrived at the U.S. border within the last few months, fleeing f[...]
18 weeks ago
By Rena Malai, News staff Crossing through jungles and desert heat on foot, eating trash to survive and dodging gang members and traffickers along the way is what many children from Central America face as they make the perilous journey to the U.S. border, says Wendy Cervantes, vice president of I[...]
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The National Association of Social Workers is concerned by the massive influx of unaccompanied child immigrants from Central America, and is developing a brief that will include recommendations to help alleviate the crisis. Many of these recommendations were developed by The First Focus Campaign for[...]
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Cultural competence is paramount in the social work field. Social workers addressing the needs of persons in specific communities—whether ethnic, sexual, religious or otherwise—must have a working knowledge of the traditions, values and assumptions of members of such communities. Transnational P[...]