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13 hours ago
Young white people more likely than black or minority ethnic teenagers to try or regularly use tobacco or electronic cigarettes according to new figuresE-cigarette use by 15-year-olds mirrors the trend for teenagers’ tobacco smoking, generally being higher in the more deprived parts of England, ac[...]
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1 day ago
The communities secretary Greg Clark says the government is cracking down on landlords who exploit illegal immigrants and undermine the immigration system. The new measures – in which the Home Office will serve a legal notice to landlords informing them that their tenant no longer has the right to[...]
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4 days ago
To mark Ethnic Minority Cancer Awareness Month, four women share their experiences and tell why attitudes towards the disease need to changeWhen Saroj Sethi was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2002 she was shocked, as anyone would be. But on top of the stress of dealing with the shattering news, the[...]
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1 week ago
The future of work is the elephant in the room in the Labour leadership contest (Editorial, 25 July). The pace of change has been scary and can only continue. Zero-hours contracts are just the visible part of a huge shift in work practices, as the traditional job-for-life makes way for a casualised,[...]
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1 week ago
Thinktank says minorities twice as likely as white people to lose out from George Osborne’s benefit cuts
The Conservative budget risks widening Britain’s racial divide by making millions of minority ethnic people poorer at a faster rate than their white counterparts, a study has found.
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3 weeks ago
Reduced awareness and stigma around mental health can prevent people from the south Asian community accessing dementia careDifferent cultures have different perceptions of mental illnesses – including dementia. In fact, in the UK, people from the south Asian community are more likely to approach t[...]
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4 weeks ago
It was an easy decision for Girl Scouts of Western Washington to return the money but it was heartbreaking to think of the girls it would have helpedMost people who know about the American Girl Scouts know about our cookies, and the outdoor opportunities we offer, but not everyone knows about our co[...]
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5 weeks ago
GP and graphic novelist Ian Williams on the government’s pledge to deport non-EU workers earning less than £35,000 – and how it might call for a very radical solution in our hospitals
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5 weeks ago
For many, long term care is denied in favour of sectioning and medication, and there is no support after they are releasedRamone is in his mid-20s and with his family emigrated to the UK around 10 years ago from eastern Europe. He developed a severe mental illness that requires long-term care, but i[...]
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5 weeks ago
Campaigners cite stop and search as a key reason why 40% of those behind bars hail from BME background – a greater disproportion than in the USA Guardian analysis of newly released government figures has revealed a shocking increase in the proportion of ethnic minority children and young people be[...]
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6 weeks ago
Royal College of Nursing predicts new rules for non-EU workers earning less than £35,000 will cause chaos for healthcare servicesNew immigration rules that will mean lower-earning non-EU workers being deported will exacerbate the shortage of nurses in the UK and cost the NHS tens of millions in rec[...]
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7 weeks ago
Government warned austerity agenda will further undermine safety of vulnerable individuals as report calls for urgent inquiry into Yarl’s WoodThe British government has been criticised by the UN for lacking “a consistent and coherent” approach to tackling violence against women, warning that i[...]
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7 weeks ago
Mrs Justice Pauffley says police and social services should make ‘proper allowance’ for way immigrants choose to discipline their childrenPolice and social workers should make allowances for immigrants who slap or hit their children when investigating allegations of physical abuse, a high court [...]
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9 weeks ago
Immigration and benefits policy changes mean local authorities are struggling to cope with duties of care to thousands of children, a new report saysThousands of children in the UK, many of them British, are living in dangerous, squalid conditions well below the poverty line as a result of rapid cha[...]
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13 weeks ago
The Big Issue: Each day this week we are looking at key election issues. Today we examine the NHS, and the claim that the coalition’s plan for market-based healthcare was based on a mistaken belief that doctors are driven by self-interest
When Stephanie de Giorgio, a Kent GP, sat down at a med[...]
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15 weeks ago
The Observer’s Britain Uncovered survey finds a nation worried about money, terrorism and immigration – but hope has not vanishedBritain Uncovered survey results: the attitudes and beliefs of Britons in 2015What would happen if Britain left the EU?‘Black people are saying, Where are our leader[...]
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15 weeks ago
It’s less than three weeks until Britain goes to the polls, and the nation seems divided. Here, we find out what British people really think about the issues that matter – from money and healthcare to housing and immigration. We ask if people have experienced sexism, where they would prefer to l[...]
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17 weeks ago
Biteback’s Provocations series stands in a fine tradition of polemic – and the latest three have some real surprisesThere’s an enjoyable lineage to Biteback’s Provocations series, its collection of thinkpieces by contemporary figures on the issues of the day. It echoes the output of the 18th[...]
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17 weeks ago
Last week, nine British Muslims were arrested on the Syrian border as Nigel Farage tapped into his constituency’s unease about modern Britain. We need our leaders to respond to this unease with reason – and a positive visionTwo events last week, some 2,000 miles apart, captured the fraught chara[...]
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17 weeks ago
As Oregon man faces deportation, he is part of the 16% of Korean-born adoptees never formally naturalised as US citizens and are no longer Korean citizensOn 31 January 2015, there was a harsh knock on Adam Crapser’s apartment door in a sleepy suburb of Vancouver, Washington. Crapser, 39, was in hi[...]
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17 weeks ago
Co-founder tells young people in Waltham Forest: ‘If you don’t vote, they’re not going to listen,’ in campaign to get a million new voters to register for electionThe students dragging their feet into the common room at Waltham Forest College seem less than thrilled by the prospect of discus[...]
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17 weeks ago
Despite a rising number of over-65s choosing to stay in work, only a small minority of businesses are taking the issue of an ageing workforce seriously
Every fortnight or so, 58-year-old James Clark hosts a ‘tea and teach’ session at Barclays’ high-street branch in Ealing Broadway, west L[...]
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17 weeks ago
Adam Crapser’s abusive adoptive parents never got him citizenship papers. Now, married with children at age 39 after enduring a life of hardship, US immigration seeks to send Crapser back to a country he doesn’t knowMore than three decades ago, a three-year-old South Korean boy and his sister fl[...]
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18 weeks ago
Stillbirth, miscarriage and acute psychosis are among the problems experienced by pregnant women held in Yarl’s Wood immigration removal centre (G2, 4 March). Many of the pregnant women that the charity Medical Justice has assisted there said they received inadequate healthcare. One said she compl[...]
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18 weeks ago
What Lubitz did doesn’t belong within a definition of depressionThe temptation, when pondering the actions of Germanwings pilot Andreas Lubitz, is to wonder at how our fellows are “unknowable”. For all the analysis, how close we will ever get to discerning what went on in Lubitz’s mind? Yet [...]
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In the past 30 years, the United States has undergone an unprecedented and accelerated growth in the diversity of its population. These changes affect all elements of our society, underscoring the need for an informed and knowledgeable public that can understand, respect, and communicate with people[...]

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Culture is a word used to describe the way of life for groups who share the same race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, spirituality, socioeconomic status, or other characteristics that influence perceptions, attitudes, and behavior. It is a way for families to preserve and bequeath to future [...]
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The National Association of Social Workers applauds President Obama’s decision to issue an executive action that will likely lead to as many as five million previously undocumented immigrants to be able to remain in the United States. This action was very meaningful to immigrant families with chi[...]
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By Rena Malai, News staff Social workers can be instrumental in helping unaccompanied, undocumented minors find legal representation and other services once they cross the border into the United States. Tens of thousands of minors have arrived at the U.S. border within the last few months, fleeing f[...]
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By Rena Malai, News staff Crossing through jungles and desert heat on foot, eating trash to survive and dodging gang members and traffickers along the way is what many children from Central America face as they make the perilous journey to the U.S. border, says Wendy Cervantes, vice president of I[...]