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10 hours ago
Researchers say they have found a strong association between consuming higher levels of sugar and depression in men – a link not mirrored in womenMen who consume a lot of added sugar in drinks, cakes and confectionery run an increased risk of depression, according to a new study.Researchers from U[...]
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13 hours ago
A change to the law means carers are owed £400m in back pay. The government’s solution? Deny them their money

• Polly Toynbee is a Guardian columnistAt this time of year, journalists need to keep a sharp eye out for government statements sneaked out after parliament has gone home. But I[...]
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15 hours ago
our people who fled from a lorry in Somerset have been put in the care of social services because they may be under 18 years old. Police said 11 people fled from the back of a lorry in Evercreech at around 3pm on Friday (July 21). Immigration officials ...
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16 hours ago
There is a gaping hole in public, and clinical, awareness of the condition. Information about sepsis needs to be put into parents’ handsMy son Sam should be 10 years old. I say “should” because on 23 December 2010 he died suddenly and avoidably from sepsis. When he came down with flu-like symp[...]
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18 hours ago
ocial determinants of health (SDOH) is a concept that is gaining more traction in the boardrooms of hospitals and health systems. The concept—that the provision of health care directly influences only a small percentage of overall health outcomes—has ...
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19 hours ago
Research shows that younger workers in part-time or temporary work are more likely to be anxious or depressed. We’d like you to share your experiencesMillennials in part-time and temporary work are more likely to experience poor mental health, a leading thinktank has said.A new report from the Ins[...]
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19 hours ago
Report warns that the payments represent a ‘stealth tax’ and care system ‘seems to be riddled with hidden unfairness’Top-up fees are being paid by the families of one in four care home residents whose place is supposed to be free, according to a new report by a charity.Almost a quarter of ol[...]
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23 hours ago
OLUMBIA— Twice a year, homeless people in Columbia can get a variety of services for free thanks to volunteers from all over town. Project Homeless Connect is held at the Family Impact Center. The project allows homeless people in Columbia to pick up ...
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1 day ago
In Kind Direct charity warns of ‘hidden crisis’ facing thousands after it distributes £20.2m of hygiene products in one yearGrowing numbers of people are facing hygiene poverty, where they are unable to afford essential products such as shampoo and deodorant, and are having to choose between ea[...]
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1 day ago
MS Society says there is sufficient evidence of drug’s effectiveness to relax ban for patients with no other optionsTen thousand people with multiple sclerosis in the UK should be allowed to use cannabis legally in order to relieve their “relentless and exhausting” symptoms, experts in the dis[...]
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1 day ago
Experts suggest patients should stop taking the drugs when they feel better rather than completing their prescriptionTelling patients to stop taking antibiotics when they feel better may be preferable to instructing them to finish the course, according to a group of experts who argue that the rule l[...]
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1 day ago
Our readers respond to news that doctors have urged the government to bring in minimum unit pricing for alcohol as research reveals the extent of liver diseaseYour article (Doctors warn of soaring UK alcohol deaths, 24 July) did not refer to an important element in the question of “soaring alcohol[...]
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1 day ago
Pioneering paediatric radiologist and authority on the x-ray diagnosis of child abuseWhen Helen Carty was appointed in 1975 as a specialist in paediatric radiology at the Royal Liverpool Children’s hospital in Alder Hey, Merseyside, x-rays were just about the only tool available to diagnose many d[...]
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1 day ago
the end result is similar to Alzheimer's although the process is very different. At this point, my relative's condition has deteriorated to the point where her partner is having trouble caring ...
I have an older relative who has a rare dementing disorder via News 
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1 day ago
Former Hillsborough panel chair Right Rev James Jones asked to break stalemate by talking to victims boycotting proceedings The former bishop of Liverpool who chaired the Hillsborough panel has been drafted in to help save the contaminated blood inquiry, which is being boycotted by hundreds of victi[...]
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1 day ago
t's no secret many women conveniently forget their regular cervical smear tests and mammograms but a new social media campaign is hoping to reach those who don't get tested as often as they should. Past campaigns have been fit for the times but Health ...
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1 day ago
Yet the social services sector is facing a triple hit of challenges that could have a devastating impact on those we serve,” added Dreyfus. “Cuts to Medicaid, which will have a ripple effect on many other social service systems; tax reform and the ...
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1 day ago
Research shows that a growing number of men and boys are being assessed for eating disorders. If you have been affected, we would like to hear from you
The number of men and boys experiencing eating disorders has risen across the UK, according to new research.A Panorama investigation, aired this [...]
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1 day ago
Although specialist Admiral nurses can prevent hospital admissions and save money, there are only 200 in the UK and many counties have none at allKate and Jon Henderson have devoted the past decade to looking after their 67-year-old mother, Sally, who has dementia. At first the siblings, who, until [...]
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1 day ago
peaking at the national Principal Social Workers conference last week, representatives of Skills for Care and a ‘trailblazer group’ of more than 85 social work employers said apprenticeships offered a chance to widen the pool of trainees and provide ...
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1 day ago
Samsung, Google and Saga have millions of employees sitting at desks, but realise the value of getting them up and walking on a daily basisFriedrich Nietzsche once declared that “All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking.” This is backed up by studies by Stanford University which have[...]
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1 day ago
As the father of a child with a rare genetic condition, I can recall the darkness that descends when life is ripped apart by a devastating diagnosis

• Ian Birrell is a journalist and former speechwriter for David CameronAt the centre of the Charlie Gard story, which has captured global atte[...]
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2 days ago
Figures show rise in number of ‘wasted days’ spent in hospital by young patients who have been declared fit for discharge Children with serious mental health problems are becoming trapped in NHS psychiatric units, unable to leave because care is unavailable outside hospitals, a thinktank has sai[...]
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2 days ago
ric Garland is the associate dean for research in the College of Social Work at the University of Utah and director of the Center on Mindfulness and Integrative Health Intervention Development. Credit: University of Utah "It was really exciting and quite ...
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2 days ago
ampbell faces the death penalty if he’s convicted on the murder charges. Nicholas Campbell testified he lied to social service workers on visits because he was afraid of what his father would do to him or his siblings. He said Eric took care of his ...
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1 day ago
Senate Republicans yesterday moved one step closer to their goal of repealing the Affordable Care Act. The motion to proceed to debate on health care reform passed narrowly, 51-50, with the help of Vice President Pence’s tie-breaking vote. The vote cleared the way for 20 hours of debate, equally d[...]

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The National Association of Social Workers on June 27 held  a Congressional briefing that identified strategies to prevent child maltreatment of infants from the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU). The briefing enhanced awareness about NICU families, identified their unique needs and reviewed prog[...]
6 days ago
Earlier this week, the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) alerted its membership to the updates in the Senate’s modified discussion draft of the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA) of 2017. The outlook for Senate action on BCRA or perhaps just a straight repeal of the Affordable Care [...]
1 week ago
On Thursday, July 13, the Senate released a modified discussion draft of the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA) of 2017. Despite several changes to the original draft, the Senate’s latest iteration comes up woefully short, maintaining among other things, the devastating cuts to the Medicaid pro[...]
2 weeks ago
By Paul R. Pace, News staff To stop the spread of HIV, it cannot be treated as a health or medical problem alone, says Tom Fenn, project director of the Coordinating Comprehensive Care for Children (4Children). “It’s not going to go away if we act like it’s the health sector’s responsibility[...]
3 weeks ago
NASW is joining with advocates to rally to protect health care. If you are available and interested, please join in. WHY WE RALLY 22 million people will lose health care coverage under the current proposal in Congress. On July 5, 2017, Rally to Protect Health Care at your senators’ local office. A[...]