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ach year in the United States, nearly 400,000 students drop out of public high school. Among high school graduates, approximately one-third complete no postsecondary education or training. Of those who do, many are unprepared. Forty percent of four-year and 63 percent of two-year college students r[...]

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3 hours ago
A new joined-up body could support all family types so kinship carers and birth parents can access the same support as foster carers and adoptersA new study into adoption practice by the British Association of Social Workers (BASW) and a related article by Louise Tickle described adoption as a “ru[...]
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4 hours ago
From an app to treat transgender voice to one that helps patients with pelvic floor exercises, healthcare professionals describe their innovations
“When you experience IT in the NHS, you feel like you’re walking back into a disorganised version of the 1980s,” says Lydia Yarlott. “People [...]
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6 hours ago
As the number of children penalised for knife possession rises 16%, Scotland Yard has called for five year olds to be taught about knife crimeWhen DCS Sean Yates, Scotland Yard’s head of knife crime, called for children as young as five to be taught about knives, many may have felt the country had[...]
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6 hours ago
New figures show self-harm is soaring in England among the very young but referrals to mental health professionals are routinely rejectedSome have used a rubber on their arms - rubbing their skin gives them a temporary feeling of relief. Others have banged their heads against walls or pulled out the[...]
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6 hours ago
Number of old people suffering from four medical conditions to double in less than 20 years, researchers claimThe number of older people who have at least four different medical conditions is set to double by 2035, in a trend that will put huge extra strain on the NHS, researchers warn.Diseases such[...]
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7 hours ago
Issues from child poverty to obesity are being neglected by government, says Prof Neena ModiParents should be given an extra vote for every child in their family in a bid to end politicians’ disastrous neglect of child health, the leader of the UK’s paediatric body has said.Professor Neena Modi,[...]
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9 hours ago
Regulator says the mid-urethral vaginal sling, subject of a class action, is no longer being importedPharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson has withdrawn from the Australian market its supply of the vaginal mesh device that is the subject of a class action before the federal court.On Tuesday a s[...]
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15 hours ago
any teenagers are attracted to places equipped with karaoke facilities, musical instruments and alcohol, so the Kunpeng Youth Service Center in Fuzhou, capital of the southeastern province of Fujian, provides similar activities in the hope of keeping ...
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16 hours ago
Jeremy Hunt urged to investigate methods which have improved waiting time statisticsLabour are urging Jeremy Hunt to order an inquiry into how hospitals have published data about their A&E waiting times that the statistics regulator fears may be misleading.The health and social care secretary is[...]
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18 hours ago
Children’s commissioners call for schools to tackle views of body image distorted by social mediaThe children’s commissioners for England, Wales and Northern Ireland have expressed concern at the number of boys using anabolic steroids for cosmetic reasons. The commissioners said they believed th[...]
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19 hours ago
Figure from Public Health England emerged during parliamentary debate on minimum unit price on alcoholJust 4% of the population consume almost a third of all the alcohol sold in England, according to healthcare data.The figures emerged during a debate on a 50p minimum unit price on alcohol by a parl[...]
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20 hours ago
The stories of abuse survivors offer a window on to the crisis in the women’s sector. So why is the government considering funding changes that are a matter of life and death?Fifteen years ago, when Lynn fled her abusive partner with her six-month-old baby, she was housed in a homeless shelter bec[...]
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21 hours ago
Charities and MPs demand government responds to alleged discriminationMPs and campaigners have launched an urgent appeal for the government to take action after the Guardian revealed insurers are preventing people with mental illnesses from getting access to cover.Individuals who have suffered mild [...]
22 hours ago
Pace of response condemned as dispute escalates over who pays for cost of making blocks safeOnly three of the 160 social housing towers identified as dangerous after the Grenfell Tower fire are known to have been reclad with safer materials, leaving tens of thousands of people still living in “fir[...]
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22 hours ago
We’d like to hear from people whose strive for excellence is affecting their daily lives. Share your experiences
Are you affected by perfectionism? Does your striving for excellence – in work, study, creative projects, personal appearance or any other aspect of life – go beyond what is achi[...]
22 hours ago
The NHS is facing a flu outbreak. We want to hear about the situation where you areHospitals and GPs are being hit by one of the worst flu outbreaks in recent years. After 35 deaths last week, 120 people across the UK have died of flu-related symptoms since early October, compared with 45 in the sam[...]
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23 hours ago
Cross-party group of politicians says isolation and cuts are driving ‘hidden’ malnutritionMore than 1 million older people are at risk of “withering away in their own homes” as a result of malnutrition caused by social isolation and cuts to public services, a cross-party group of peers and M[...]
1 day ago
We want to hear from those who have worked as a foster carer for a council, charity or an agency. Share your experiences with us
Being a foster carer is a tough job. Fees and allowances have been cut, while the complexity of children’s needs is increasing. We want to hear your experiences, whet[...]
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1 day ago
New research says that adolescence in the developed world now lasts until your mid-20s. Does that make 24-year-olds Harry Kane and Ariana Grande mere kids?Name: 24.Appearance: Fresh-faced, ready for anything. Continue reading...
1 day ago
Andrew Stanney exposed housing association after it tried to evict a dying manA whistleblower praised by Jeremy Corbyn for exposing how a housing association for vulnerable people tried to evict a dying man because of his “negative impact” on a proposed sale has himself been threatened with evic[...]
HousingHousing and Poverty
1 day ago
Relative to health care, we spend little on social services per person, so redistributing money to social services from health care is actually a small change in health care spending.” According to the findings in the Canadian Medical Association ...
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1 day ago
We want to hear from women about whether you are asked to come in on time, or if you have ever been missed off the list. Share your experiencesYoung women are not getting smear tests due to embarrassment, according to a survey by a charity. Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust asked 2,017 British women and [...]
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1 day ago
Councils are redesigning child protection, piloting new ways of identifying and tackling sexual exploitationMore than five years since the conviction of nine men for serially sexually exploiting and abusing girls in Rochdale – and with numerous other convictions for child sexual exploitation secur[...]
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1 day ago
he Ministry of Housing announced offering 18,061 units, as part of its social housing project, for Egyptians working abroad in 11 governorates, at prices ranging from EGP 175,000 to EGP 250,000, to be paid in dollars. Mai Abdel Hamid, head of the Mortgage ...
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1 day ago
More than 70% of Tory supporters worry about NHS, and fewer than 40% think health secretary should keep his jobThe state of the NHS is the biggest single issue vexing Conservative voters, with more than seven in 10 citing it as a serious concern, and fewer than four in 10 believing the health secret[...]
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Each year in the United States, nearly 400,000 students drop out of public high school. Among high school graduates, approximately one-third complete no postsecondary education or training. Of those who do, many are unprepared. Forty percent of four-year and 63 percent of two-year college students r[...]

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6 days ago
By Paul R. Pace, News staff  The world needs an interdisciplinary approach more than ever to address the social, political, technological and climate challenges of today and the future, says Ambassador Wendy Sherman, a newly appointed NASW Social Work Pioneer ®  Political solutions c[...]
1 week ago
By Alison Laurio, News contributor When J. David Hawkins was a probation officer in the 1980s, he thought, “Isn’t there something we should have done to prevent these kids from getting to this place?” Programs from that period like “Just Say No” and “Scared Straight” just didn’t work[...]
4 weeks ago
Black and male youths are over-represented at every stage of juvenile justice processing. Despite laws passed decades ago to mitigate these disparities, they persist to this day. That racial bias may be a potential cause of the over-representation of minority youths should be of great concern to soc[...]
4 weeks ago
By Paul R. Pace, News staff Grameen Bank provides credit without collateral to those who are poor in rural Bangladesh. Aimed primarily at women, these microcredit loans of often no more than $100 are meant to help those who are poor launch small businesses. The bank says it has 8.92 million borrower[...]
5 weeks ago
By Paul R. Pace, News staff Social workers are the among the behavioral health professionals greatly needed to meet a growing demand for services, says the new leader of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, or SAMHSA. Dr. Elinore McCance-Katz is the assistant secretary for [...]
6 weeks ago
The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) partnered with the American Psychological Association on the amicus brief in Masterpiece Cakeshop, Ltd. v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission. The U.S. Supreme Court case addresses the validity of Colorado’s anti-discrimination statute which prevent[...]