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1 day ago
There are hundreds of children with disabilities or special needs waiting for adoption
Fifteen-year-old Dominic Head was bruised before birth. Born 10 weeks premature, with major heart defects, internal organ damage, distinctive facial features, he was diagnosed as having foetal alcohol syndrome [...]
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1 day ago
Finding permanent homes for sibling groups and disabled children has always been a challenge Related: Gay, bisexual and transgender foster parents and adopters step forward Stig Williams, along with his civil partner Philip, is the adoptive parent of three boys and has no doubt about the joys that p[...]
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1 day ago
‘Relaxed’ performances, aimed at people with disabilities and their carers, are few and far between – but they have benefits for all of us. The whole point of theatre is that disruption should be possibleIt’s months since I saw Teh Internet Is Serious Business at the Royal Court in London, b[...]
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1 day ago
he panel includes a man who told the court the death penalty can be “merciful.” Two women on the jury have careers in social work. One works with victims of domestic violence and the other cares for the mentally disabled. The case is U.S. v.
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2 days ago
I have leukaemia and my five-year-old daughter is disabled but we’ve been waiting two years for appropriate accommodation. We’re apparently not a priority – and we’re not aloneA mother with leukaemia. A five-year old daughter so disabled she can’t even throw an arm around the shoulders of [...]
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3 days ago
ocial insurance numbers of more than 700 welfare and disability support program recipients were disclosed to third parties, along with the amount of assistance they received last year, the Ministry of Community and Social Services admitted Monday.
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3 days ago
Finnish punk band Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät will represent the country in this year’s competition. They’re the latest in a fine tradition of off-beat entrants from the Nordic state that’s come last nine times since 1961Finland will win Eurovision this year. Its chosen entry, Aina Mun Pit&aum[...]
3 days ago
term care homes have 178 staff on LTD with employment and social services (welfare) close behind at 124 individuals. The statistics provided through the city’s human resources department ...
The departments with the highest LTD rates may be surprising. Long via News 
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4 days ago
Disabled people are fed up of always being portrayed by the media as heroes, scroungers, or braveHurrah for Clarissa Mullery. If you’re not familiar with Silent Witness, Clarissa Mullery, played by Liz Carr, is a fantastic forensic scientist. She is clever, witty, insightful and very good at her j[...]
5 days ago
‘Few of my friends know that I have an autistic grandson. I can’t bear to hear their well-meaning but inappropriate advice’I am struggling desperately to hold seven-year-old Jimmy, who is screaming and lunging violently at the locked doors. We are in the ladies’ lavatory at the art gallery a[...]
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6 days ago
ight reasonably be expected to cause excessive demand on health or social services." Since his son was inadmissible, so was Kim. Kim's mother, brother and sister have long lived in Canada and are Canadian citizens. Kim had no idea his son's autism would ...
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6 days ago
The government department on which society’s most vulnerable depend is failing themAva was born in the summer of 2006, a healthy, happy baby who thrived and met all of her developmental milestones.In 2008 we moved to Germany when my husband’s job – for a British company he had worked for since[...]
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1 week ago
Kill Me Now panders to preconceptions by portraying disabled family life as thwarted and self-destructive. It couldn’t be further from my own experienceIt’s rare to have your life portrayed anywhere, especially in a play. I’m a parent of a child with a disability. I’m not in children’[...]
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1 week ago
Ava Jolliffe, who has Brown Vialetto Van Laere Syndrome, told that part of her disability living allowance has been rescinded as her father works in GermanyAn eight-year-old British child with a rare nerve disorder has had her personal care allowance cancelled after receiving a letter from the gover[...]
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1 week ago
I’m involved in a campaign to get people with learning disabilities to vote. Our support could swing the seat in some marginal constituenciesMy name is Vijay Patel. I am 27 years old, live with my family in Hendon, north London, and I have a learning disability.There are almost five million people[...]
1 week ago
A German gynaecologist believes blind people are better at breast examinations because their sense of touch is superior. I’m not convincedThere are two jokes among the sighted members of my immediate family. One usually takes place on holiday when they will comment on how loudly the crickets are c[...]
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1 week ago
However they are measured, government cuts in local authority budgets are hitting the capital’s most disadvantaged areas hardest.
London’s boroughs will be setting their budgets for 2015/16 over the next couple of weeks - what is left of those budgets, that is. Here’s how number cruncher co[...]
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1 week ago
Refuges have insufficient beds to meet demand and specialist domestic services are being closed as responsibilty for vulnerable women and girls is handed over to the private sectorThe road to utopia can only be accessed via a shrinking state: at least, that’s what the Tories want us to swallow. Un[...]
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1 week ago
Government accused of hindering disabled people born with the effects of Contergan drug from accessing promised moneyChristiane Seifert takes a visitor around her ground-floor flat in Hamburg. She opens a window with her shoulder, the patio door with her bare foot. At her computer, she sits bolt upr[...]
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1 week ago
e also addressed a Department of Social Services investigation brought by police. When asked what led police to involve DSS, Miller said police had concerns over Anderson’s welfare after the arrest. Why, Miller asked, was a severely autistic man allowed ...
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1 week ago
The Oxfordshire charity devises specialist game control setups for people with physical disabilities – try telling them games are a waste of timeLee is a lifelong gamer; he also has spinal muscular atrophy, a disease that causes progressive muscle weakness. When his condition meant that he was no [...]
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2 weeks ago
Three decades after the closure of long stay hospitals began, thousands of disabled people are still waiting to move into the communityLast week we finally got the news that many of us have been hoping for: 3,000 people living in outdated and inappropriate Assessment and Treatment (A&T) units wi[...]
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2 weeks ago
My brother-in-law, Allan Beard, who has died aged 95, was a career civil servant, working in the area of health and social security, who was instrumental in the creation of Motability cars for disabled people.In 1977, he was the under-secretary whose remit included the concerns of disabled people, i[...]
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2 weeks ago
income and disabled people. House Speaker Michael Madigan ...
hold veto via News 
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2 weeks ago
Healthwatch England demands action to close loopholes that leave people with mental health problems or learning disabilities living in appalling conditionsThe chief executive of Healthwatch England, has written to the Department of Health, demanding action to close loopholes that mean that some of t[...]
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Recent decades have brought significant changes in family form and function, as well as new service delivery models that promote health and well-being for people with various disabilities within their homes and communities. Nevertheless, providing care to family members continues to be part of famil[...]

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November 6, 2014 NASW continues its support for National Family Caregivers Month this November. This year’s theme, Care Comes Home, emphasizes the benefits and challenges of caregiving at home—where most caregiving takes place. Download outreach materials from the Caregiver Action Network (previ[...]
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By Rena Malai, News staff Countless children are waiting for homes that many people with disabilities want to provide, says Robyn Powell, attorney adviser for the National Council on Disability. “There are a significant number of people with disabilities who want to take adoptive children in and r[...]
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June is Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT)  Pride Month. On June 2, 2014, President Barack Obama declared June as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Pride Month. The President’s proclamation outlined the important legislative changes in the advancement of LGBT equity that o[...]
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The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities reports on state-level budget cuts:Cuts Affect Wide Range of ServicesStates began cutting their budgets last spring, as the recession brought sharply weakened revenues. The cuts have intensified as the economy has worsened. Even as the need for state-funded[...]