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13 hours ago
Probation chief for England and Wales says ministry payments come from windfall savings
Private probation companies responsible for supervising more than 200,000 offenders in England and Wales face total losses of more than £100m, even after a £342m “bailout” by the Ministry of Justice, MPs[...]
Criminal Justice
18 hours ago
My daughter, Lindsay Riddoch, who has taken her own life aged 24, was an ardent and articulate advocate for better mental health services. She was a fiercely independent thinker and debater who was intent on exposing injustice, and if she saw something wrong she would try to put it right. She often [...]
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22 hours ago
Women say requirement to disclose past convictions criminalises trafficking victimsA group of former prostitutes have taken a ground-breaking legal challenge to the high court, arguing that government policy criminalises victims of abuse and trafficking.The women argue they have been stigmatised by [...]
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1 day ago
Former student sues Stephen Coxen for damages two years after jury found case against him not provenA former university student in Scotland is suing her alleged rapist for £100,000 in damages after he walked free following a high court trial two years ago.Stephen Coxen, 23, from Bury in Lancashire,[...]
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1 day ago
This Friday, parliament must not pass up the opportunity to give tenants a fighting chance against rogue landlords
This coming Friday, 19 January, a bill is to be debated in parliament that could hugely improve the lives of many people in England. The Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Bill wou[...]
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1 day ago
If a contractor fails, it’s the public sector that carries the can. We must make profit-seeking firms take more responsibility
Carillion’s cave-in isn’t the first nor will it be the last spectacular failure of a contractor. There are more to come – and soon – in social care, where priva[...]
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1 day ago
tudents at Hope College will receive Holland’s 2017 Youth Social Justice Award for their leadership in organizing the Tuesday, Oct. 31, march and rally held to advocate for those impacted by DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). The award will ...
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2 days ago
disabled children from the care of their parents, the most senior family court judge in England and Wales has warned. Sir James Munby says parents may “justifiably ...
Council social services bosses must think long and hard before trying to take severely via News 
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2 days ago
Inquest hears Emily Hartley, 21, who had mental health problems, had been sentenced for breaking bail conditionsA 21-year-old woman was found dead in prison while serving a sentence for arson after setting herself on fire, an inquest jury has heard.Emily Hartley died in the grounds of HMP New Hall n[...]
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2 days ago
Bargains were snatched from the shoppers who needed them in order to make bigger profits from people with fatter wallets. It was the trickle-up effect at work – much like our system nowI once had a stall in the Portobello Road market, when it still had a cheap, rubbishy end where you could find th[...]
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3 days ago
When his medical cannabis operation was raided in 2008, Virgil Grant wound up in prison. Now he’s back in business, and determined to make space for people of color in an industry that’s fast being white-washedThey were two sides of California’s cannabis industry, ambitious operators who prepa[...]
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3 days ago
o be effective, those social services and outreach efforts should specifically target youth and young men, Waller said. They could include youth inclusion programs similar to those in place in Glasgow, Scotland, or a combination of outreach, mentoring and ...
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3 days ago
he former Celebrity Big Brother star must also stay away from Stephanie for three years and any communication about their son must be done via social services or the family court.
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3 days ago
John Carlisle compares Simon Bramhall’s act to a footballer taking off his shirt after scoring a goal, and Dr RC Horton says an individual surgeon has been punished whereas an institution would have got off scot-freeI am an altruistic kidney donor and am appalled at the treatment of Simon Bramhall[...]
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4 days ago
I go to parole board hearings and advise on whether violent and sexual offenders are ready for release. It’s a huge responsibility – and my salary should reflect thatOver the past 10 years I have seen a lot. Being a prison forensic psychologist is not a job for the faint hearted, but I love it.A[...]
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6 days ago
Conservatives will debate future of Simon Dudley, who wants police to act against rough sleepers before the royal weddingThe leader of Windsor council is facing an attempt to force him out of his job by fellow Conservatives amid controversy over his call for rough sleepers to be cleared from the str[...]
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6 days ago
Even countries whose governments oppose same-sex marriage must recognise rights, according to advocate generalThe rights of same-sex spouses must be recognised by every member of the EU, even if a country’s government has not authorised gay marriage, the European court of justice has been advised.[...]
Criminal Justice
6 days ago
A week after outcry over release of John Worboys, it emerges officials will review whether ‘M25 rapist’ should be freedThe case of a second serial sex offender has been referred to the Parole Board a week after the former black-cab driver John Worboys was approved for release.Officials will revi[...]
1 week ago
Of course it is distressing to see people sleeping on the street – but we should be demanding real solutions, not using legislation to hide the problemNewport has attracted headlines and opprobrium for considering a blanket ban on begging in the city. Vox pops are made of this, and predictably pas[...]
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1 week ago
The Home Office says that asylum seekers deserve ‘safe, habitable’ homes. What too many of them get is filth and squalor
The cramped upstairs box room was meant to be used by one of Duminda’s children, but it is not in a fit state. An old mattress is propped up against the wall, and behind [...]
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1 week ago
up. "State Auditor Elaine M. Howle said the California Department of Social Services failed to check the sex offender registry even after her office advised it to do so in 2008." "The facilities ...
Or were they the result of an overall plan? No press follow via News 
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1 week ago
A stint at the UK’s only therapeutic prison, Grendon, put this criminal in touch with his feelings. It’s allowed him to set up a business to help others leaving jailOn release from Spring Hill prison last January, Terry Ellis was given a small blue tent to live in. “They actually said, as long[...]
Criminal Justice
1 week ago
lgin has a robust social service network "that does attract people from other areas," Valdez said. The police department's social service division leads regular Community Assessment and Management of People needing Shelter meetings that bring together ...
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1 week ago
Dr Graham Winyard questions the justification for ACOs, Sir Nick Black defends reform, Douglas Higgs calls for a debate about what is affordable and Paul Lewis says there should be a royal commissionAs one of Sir Bruce Keogh’s predecessors, I have every sympathy with his desire to defend governmen[...]
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1 week ago
We must consider the money we need and how to care for our fellow citizens, says retired GP Peter EstcourtOh dear. Another article on how to save the NHS (How to save the NHS, according to those in the know, 6 January) that conveniently avoids the basic issues, which are money and how to care for ou[...]
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Black and male youths are over-represented at every stage of juvenile justice processing. Despite laws passed decades ago to mitigate these disparities, they persist to this day. That racial bias may be a potential cause of the over-representation of minority youths should be of great concern to soc[...]

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By Maren Dale, News contributor Today, social workers are part of the fabric of our nation, leading the march toward social justice, bringing our nation’s social problems to the public’s attention and serving in nearly every sector. Yet it was not long ago that many of the freedoms and rights Am[...]
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With the increasing number of women in prison, understanding incarcerated women’s psychological health is a timely and necessary line of research to guide policy and practices within prisons. This understanding influences prison design, service coordination, and intervention development. Social wo[...]
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The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) is withholding support for the Senate confirmation of Judge Neil Gorsuch to become a U.S. Supreme Court Justice. Although Judge Gorsuch’s judicial record is relatively sparse as it relates to the foremost issues of the day there are indications his[...]
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From the NYT:
Here and in swaths of many cities, evictions from rental properties are so common that they are part of the texture of life. New research is showing that eviction is a particular burden on low-income black women, often single mothers, who have an easier time renting apartmen[...]