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19 hours ago
Report warns that the payments represent a ‘stealth tax’ and care system ‘seems to be riddled with hidden unfairness’Top-up fees are being paid by the families of one in four care home residents whose place is supposed to be free, according to a new report by a charity.Almost a quarter of ol[...]
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23 hours ago
OLUMBIA— Twice a year, homeless people in Columbia can get a variety of services for free thanks to volunteers from all over town. Project Homeless Connect is held at the Family Impact Center. The project allows homeless people in Columbia to pick up ...
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1 day ago
In Kind Direct charity warns of ‘hidden crisis’ facing thousands after it distributes £20.2m of hygiene products in one yearGrowing numbers of people are facing hygiene poverty, where they are unable to afford essential products such as shampoo and deodorant, and are having to choose between ea[...]
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1 day ago
MS Society says there is sufficient evidence of drug’s effectiveness to relax ban for patients with no other optionsTen thousand people with multiple sclerosis in the UK should be allowed to use cannabis legally in order to relieve their “relentless and exhausting” symptoms, experts in the dis[...]
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1 day ago
UK Charity Commission says victims in Manchester New Moston congregation were ‘badly let down’ by trusteesA Jehovah’s Witness congregation in Manchester has been criticised by the Charity Commission over its handling of allegations of child sex abuse by a senior member.Victims of a convicted p[...]
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2 days ago
As a nation built in opposition to the aristocracy, is it right that US billionaires are creating foundations to confer power and privilege on to future generations?The Givers: Wealth, Power, and Philanthropy in a New Gilded AgeToo much inherited wealth is a bad thing in a country that was founded i[...]
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3 days ago
Amid warnings that heavy drinking will kill 63,000 people over the next five years, we want to hear from readers who have sought help to stop drinkingHealth charities are urging the government to bring in minimum unit pricing of alcohol and to crackdown on drink advertising to avert the “public he[...]
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4 days ago
Doctors urge government to introduce minimum unit pricing for alcohol as research reveals extent of liver diseaseAlmost 63,000 people in England will die over the next five years from liver problems linked to heavy drinking unless ministers tackle the scourge of cheap alcohol, doctors are warning.Se[...]
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5 days ago
Charities demand action to tackle toll of soaring housing costs, welfare cuts and ‘no fault’ evictionsA record number of renters are being evicted from their homes, with more than 100 tenants a day losing the roof over their head, according to a shocking analysis of the nation’s housing crisis[...]
HousingCharities and VolunteerismHousing and Poverty
6 days ago
The voluntary sector needs to harness the power of video, which allows us to process information 60,000 times faster than textToday I accessed YouTube at home from my smartphone to learn how to prune an apple tree. It’s a first language for my two boys, whose bedrooms are strewn with homemade cata[...]
CharitiesCharities and Volunteerism
1 week ago
As global power and resources shift away from traditional bastions, researchers warn major aid organisations will be sidelined by 2030 unless they change tackBig aid charities must “change or die” over the next 15 years, according to a report that urges a major shift in focus and an end to rival[...]
CharitiesCharities and Volunteerism
1 week ago
My sister Linda Harvey and I would often discuss the world’s problems, feeling they were totally beyond our power to rectify, but every now and then Linda, who has died aged 77, would seize hold of an issue – the Biafran famine of the late 1960s was the first I remember – and refuse to let it [...]
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1 week ago
Researchers in Manchester say drug is being sold in variety of forms including cigarettes dipped in vials of the chemicalDrug dealers are finding “innovative ways” of circumventing a police crackdown on the sale of the banned drug spice, according to drugs experts.Academics at Manchester Metropo[...]
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1 week ago
Fewer than 20 people have been given the freedom of the city of Bath – among the big names are Nelson (1797), Churchill (1950) and Haile Selassie (1954). So when Maggie Roper, who has died aged 78, was informed that she and her husband, Brian, were to be similarly honoured in 2014, she declared: [...]
CharitiesCharities and Volunteerism
1 week ago
From its start in 1990 until last year, Jessica Davies, who has died of cancer aged 65, was the manager of the Cherry Tree Nursery, a commercial plant nursery in Dorset set up to give a meaningful occupation to people with mental health problems.She helped take a derelict four-acre site near Christc[...]
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1 week ago
When choosing a charity to work for, fundraisers need to go with their heart. But is emotional connection enough to sustain a career? When looking for a fundraising job, the charity’s cause is priority, says fundraiser Niki Barton, head of supporter retention and development at Oxfam GB. “Then y[...]
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1 week ago
Charities faced merciless scrutiny over telephone scandals and are now trusted more than the government. Shame the Conservatives haven’t taken noteIt’s said that rules are there to be broken – and a Channel 4 News investigation alleges that the Conservative party really took that to heart in t[...]
CharitiesCharities and Volunteerism
1 week ago
Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority refused payments to almost 700 children on grounds they gave consent, say charitiesSexually abused children as young as 12 are being denied compensation by a government agency on the grounds that they gave consent, according to a coalition of charities.The Cr[...]
ChildrenChildren and ParentingCharities and VolunteerismCriminal Justice
1 week ago
The co-founder of John’s Campaign on a new parliamentary report that confirms the profoundly beneficial role of the arts in helping people with dementiaA few weeks ago, turning on the radio, I hear a voice saying that creative writing can help wounds heal faster. Startled, I turn the volume up. Vo[...]
HealthChildren and ParentingCharities and VolunteerismEducationHealth and Care
1 week ago
Getting your kit off for a good cause has become routine, banal... and exploitativeSome people, including zoo staff, just got naked at a ZSL London Zoo Streak for Tigers charity event for critically endangered Sumatran tigers. Naked people, male and female, some painted as tigers, streaked around th[...]
CharitiesWomenCharities and VolunteerismWomens Issues
1 week ago
Charitable donations and volunteers from abroad are supporting Haitian orphanages where children are vulnerable to abuse, a report findsCharitable givers from the US who believe they are helping Haitian orphans are instead funding the abuse and neglect of children at orphanages in the Caribbean coun[...]
ChildrenChildren and ParentingCharities and Volunteerism
1 week ago
Two years on from Olive Cooke’s death, public trust in charities is recovering and donations are steady. Here’s how the sector is rebuilding its reputationFundraising is starting to emerge from the shadow that’s been hanging over it for the past two years. The steps taken by the profession to [...]
CharitiesCharities and Volunteerism
2 weeks ago
‘I’ll still be doing this on a mobility scooter,’ says one of 100 volunteers who survey national park’s 1,628 miles of pathsOne of the many reasons Sally Williams loves the Yorkshire dales national park is because its dramatic landscape has been marked by centuries of human activity. “It[...]
Charities and Volunteerism
2 weeks ago
British Red Cross raises concerns over ‘complex’ process used to disperse money raised with large sums as yet unspentOne of the UK’s best-known charities is calling for a review of how the voluntary sector responds to large-scale emergencies in the UK after the Grenfell Tower fire, amid concer[...]
CharitiesCharities and Volunteerism
2 weeks ago
More people work in criminal justice charities than in the prison and probation services combined. But volunteers and staff are being stretched to the limitIt is almost impossible to imagine what the criminal justice system would be like without the voluntary sector. The numbers tell their own story[...]
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NASW member Reia Chapman, who runs her own practice in Charlotte, N.C., volunteered with the American Red Cross for its disaster mental health services team in Lafayette, La., helping victims of the region’s historic flooding. “I do a lot of community-based organizing and racial trauma and advoc[...]

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383 weeks ago
From the NYT:The Bloomberg administration said Friday that the number of people living on New York’s streets and subways soared 34 percent in a year, signaling a setback in one of the city’s most intractable problems.
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Charming, as always:Although the government distributed billions of these food coupons, or food stamps, over the last half-century, only a small number have survived since they were replaced by a debit-card-like system. Now this coupon — and the master dye used to make the plate that created it [...]