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8 hours ago
Fifty staff are kept busy morning to night helping and advising struggling homeowners or vulnerable tenants on the brink of homelessnessIn a small room in Sheffield, above what claims to be the town’s “premier wargaming centre” and a closed branch of Anglian Home Improvements, 50 people are do[...]
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8 hours ago
Government refusal to guarantee funding for schemes will force families to turn to food banks and loan sharks, say criticsPoverty charities and councils have warned that the government’s refusal to guarantee funding for local welfare schemes will force low income families in crisis to turn to food[...]
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14 hours ago
The Salvation Army, Royal British Legion and Barnardo’s say money received justifies it – but many are annoyed by the tacticIn the runup to Christmas you may find charity gifts landing on your doormat, as good causes use gift tags, notepads, calendars and the like to try to raise cash. They can [...]
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1 day ago
Millions of children are locked away in institutions. Forget pretty murals, just close these places downIt was a black-and-white photograph in a newspaper. It showed a small boy, locked in a caged bed in a residential institution. His hands clutched what appeared to be chicken wire containing him, a[...]
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1 day ago
MPs will be asked to vote on whether to allow mitochondrial transfer technique to prevent inherited genetic diseasesA further step towards creating babies using DNA from three people has been taken by the UK government with the announcement of new regulations to be put before parliament. The move wa[...]
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1 day ago
We are so thankful to anyone who gives, whether it's a reader donating money or a volunteer helping out for the day, to Hasbro donating so many wonderful gifts," said Danielle LaTille, social services director for the Salvation Army, which sponsors Toy ...
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1 day ago
A Preston art student raises over £20,000 for a homeless man who tried to help her get home safely
An art student living in Preston has raised over £21,000 for a homeless man, after he offered her his last £3 so that she could get a taxi home safely.
Dominique Harrison-Bentzen,[...]
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1 day ago
The future of the NHS depends on it taking a radical approach to health services. Can it shift away from a hospital-based model to focus on individual independence?Our society’s dependence on acute-care hospitals, which are often not the best places for healthcare issues to be dealt with, must be [...]
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1 day ago
In November Kids Company were facing unprecedented need and they had to react and fundraise quicklyCrowdfunding: essential advice for charities Nine facts charities need to know about crowdfunding The Christmas period can be exceptionally challenging and bleak for the children, young people and vul[...]
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2 days ago
Charity boss convicted of child sex abuse in east Africa likely to have targeted vulnerable in other countries, say detectivesA British former public-school teacher was on Tuesday found guilty of sexually abusing young Kenyan street children after luring them to his lavish home with offerings of foo[...]
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2 days ago
A Kent charity is helping people with mental health problems by liaising with their GPs and navigating the benefits systemFormer teacher Fiona Hood, 45, has had severe anxiety and depression all her adult life. Five years ago she lost both parents within a short space of time, her partner took his l[...]
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2 days ago
Tech startups often scratch an itch, they see a gap in the market and develop a product to fill that gap. Charities need to be more like thatHow charities can use social media for digital campaigningSix ways charity chief executives are using social media for goodCharities are full of good and brigh[...]
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3 days ago
As Christmas approaches, not everyone will be among loved ones but individuals and authorities can all do their bit to helpIn the run-up to Christmas most of us make the extra effort to spend time with our family and friends – and this time with loved ones reminds us of those who are sadly without[...]
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3 days ago
Labour could end the spectacle of young people half-killing themselves to get a foot in the doorIn Britain, in 2014, we are compelled to debate whether people should work for free. Unpaid internships have become a pillar of the modern British class system, discriminating on the basis of wealth rathe[...]
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4 days ago
Department has carried out 60 internal reviews following deaths, and campaigners say those cases likely to be tip of the icebergThe Department for Work and Pensions has been urged by mental health and disability charities to publish its secret investigations into suicides that may have some link to [...]
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4 days ago
espite their efforts, Toys for Tots has suffered from inefficiencies that have created problems with the application and distribution process, prompting numerous complaints, according to experts in the social services arena who asked not to be named out ...
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4 days ago
The young anti-FGM campaigner who told David Cameron to ‘grow a pair’ has helped to get the issue on the political agenda this yearSee the Observer’s faces of 2014 in full hereDouglas Carswell: ‘There’s no longer any point talking about traditional party loyalties’There aren’t many tee[...]
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5 days ago
From lifeboat crews to Samaritans and blood bikers, what makes ordinary people spend their spare time rescuing others?Lorraine Galvin, 34, lives in Wexford, Ireland, with her four-year-old daughter. A university lecturer in digital media, she is a helm with Wexford Royal National Lifeboat Institutio[...]
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6 days ago
hey’ve had to. Carroll, 26, became part of the corps’ Health Volunteers after graduating from SUNY Fredonia State with degrees in social work, psychology and the visual arts. She works in a health center in southwestern Uganda, where she focuses on ...
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6 days ago
In June, the Israeli defence ministry banned Islamic Relief for 'assisting terrorist activity', claiming it was collecting money for Hamas and that some of its offices in the West Bank were run by Hamas 'operatives'. A few days later those offices were raided. The ban, which prohibits Islamic Relief[...]
6 days ago
JustGiving and PayPal are just two of a growing number of services, each with a slightly different offer. We look at what smaller organisations are using, and whyCharity donations up 270% on Giving Tuesday BandAid 30: five things charity fundraisers can teach Bob Geldof Online giving is an important[...]
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6 days ago
Ending food banks and poverty wages can’t be done without the help of enlightened voices on the rightOn the way out of Sainsbury’s yesterday, I stopped by the food bank collection box to put in the usual few quids’ worth of stuff – pasta and chocolate, this time – and noticed that it was m[...]
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1 week ago
Charity says 78,000 people are in urgent need of help, while its CEO insists that no money has been funnelled to HamasBritain’s biggest Islamic charity is due to resume its operations in Palestine in defiance of a ban on working in the territory after Israel’s defence ministry described the aid [...]
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1 week ago
More NGOs and businesses are working together with a common objective of social change, but what are the key factors for a successful partnership and a sustainable outcome?Creating the perfect corporate-NGO partnership - make your matchPoverty, injustice, discrimination: in a world where so many urg[...]
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1 week ago
High rents and housing benefit cap making it harder for councils to find safe and decent places in local area, says charity ShelterRecord numbers of homeless households are being placed in emergency accommodation often far from their previous home and miles from jobs, schools, family and friends, a [...]
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Thursday October 16 at 2 pm ET Becoming a Certified Application Counselor for the upcoming ACA Open Enrollment Period The second ACA open enrollment period kicks off on November 15, 2014 and social workers are needed to make it a success.  Learn how to become a Certified Application Counselor (CAC)[...]

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38 weeks ago
Approximately 2.2 million service members make up the U.S. all-volunteer force in the active, National Guard, and Reserve components, representing less than one percent of all U.S. citizens. Furthermore, veterans constitute seven percent of the country’s population, or almost 22 million persons, w[...]
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By Paul R. Pace, News staff Social worker Lisa Wessan knows personally how debilitating compassion fatigue can feel — emotionally and physically. She was one of many social workers who volunteered to help the people of New York City cope with the grief and uncertainty after the terrorist attacks o[...]
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From the NYT:The Bloomberg administration said Friday that the number of people living on New York’s streets and subways soared 34 percent in a year, signaling a setback in one of the city’s most intractable problems.
Appearing both startled and dismayed by the sharp increase, a year after [...]
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Charming, as always:Although the government distributed billions of these food coupons, or food stamps, over the last half-century, only a small number have survived since they were replaced by a debit-card-like system. Now this coupon — and the master dye used to make the plate that created it [...]