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5 hours ago
Housing charity Shelter says 17,000 renters have called its helpline during the last year with complaints including harassment, threats and assaultsThousands of private tenants have suffered abuse at the hands of landlords, including harassment, threats and assaults, which could have resulted in leg[...]
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18 hours ago
Regulator to investigate charities that sold and bought personal details of Samuel Rae, who lost £35,000 to scams
Regulators are to investigate the charities that bought and sold the personal data of an elderly man, which resulted in him losing thousands of pounds.Samuel Rae, an 87-year-old who [...]
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20 hours ago
The social care sector hasn’t tended to recruit from the post-university market, but there’s now a recognition that graduate skills can be immensely usefulWhen Hollie Stokes graduated three years ago with a degree in psychology and criminology, she wanted to apply some of what she’d learnt in [...]
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1 day ago
One in five wrongly believe womb and ovarian cancers are linked to promiscuity, Eve Appeal poll revealsFalse assumptions about the links between sexual promiscuity and gynaecological cancers, such as womb and ovarian cancer, are creating a stigma around the diseases that could be costing women’s l[...]
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1 day ago
The sad death of the senior civil servant Rupert Hughes (Obituary, 26 August) makes me wonder whether, if he were still working, we might have avoided the sudden collapse of the British Association for Adoption and Fostering and Kids Company in a single week, with its devastating impact on children,[...]
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2 days ago
Survey of 2,000 adults for Cancer Research UK finds average hangover lasts 6 hours and 30 minutes, and quarter of drinkers miss out on going outsideAfter the summer’s promising start turned to soggy disappointment, many Brits will be kicking themselves for every second of sunshine they will have m[...]
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2 days ago
Classes run by arts charity Create improve health and brighten lives but future of programme is threatened by social care spending cutsPaula Sanders may have arrived at the dancing class inadvertently but by the end she says she feels like the belle of the ball.With a disco tune throbbing from a boo[...]
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2 days ago
We only ever ask for a small donation and charities are trying to make the world a better place – it shouldn’t meet with abuseI’m a face-to-face street fundraiser for a UK charity and I would like to address the stigma we face. My colleagues and I genuinely believe in helping people, and that[...]
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3 days ago
hey live here simply, in the spirit of St. Francis, their patron. Each serves through one of 38 partner agencies involved in health, education or social services. At first, Ms. Basista said, the volunteers plan to change their clients’ lives.
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4 days ago
The hashtag has been a huge success on Twitter, with many people and organisations using it to raise awareness of Multiple SclerosisLike nature, NEVER GIVE UP #MSin5Words Continue reading...
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6 days ago
Freedom of information request from Money Advice Trust shows only three councils not using bailiffs, with Barking and Dagenham heaviest userThe use of bailiffs by local authorities to chase people who have fallen behind on their council tax or parking fines has shot up in the past two years, in the [...]
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6 days ago
Report into scheme introduced in response to miscarriages of justice involving vulnerable people says up to a quarter of a million adults not being supportedUp to a quarter of a million adults with mental illnesses are not being supported by an appropriate adult while in police custody, according to[...]
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6 days ago
Henry Timms, charity leader and brain behind Giving Tuesday, talks to Aimee Meade about donor relationships and how charities need to take risks“One of the driving ideas behind Giving Tuesday was to create a movement that shifts donors to owners,” says Henry Timms, chief executive of New York ba[...]
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1 week ago
The Royal Merchant Navy Education Foundation has launched a campaign, not to raise funds, but to find beneficiariesThe charity I work for, Royal Merchant Navy Education Foundation, is in an unusual position. We have enough funding but are struggling to find people to help. The charity was originally[...]
CharitiesChildren and Parenting
1 week ago
Frontline staff like me are having to take on ever more responsibility and yet we’re vilified if we show ambitionI’ve spent my entire career working at various disability charities and have always been proud to be working in the voluntary sector. However I have decided to move on – because aft[...]
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1 week ago
im graduated from the University of South Dakota with a degree in business and then received his master’s degree in social work from St. Louis University in 1962. Upon graduating from college, Jim started working for Catholic Charities in Sioux City as ...
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1 week ago
he said community partners included representatives from organizations such as a community mental health center and a social services charity. The summit took place at the Riverfront Community Center. A resource fair was set up in two rooms of the ...
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1 week ago
From free cake in Essex to free bikes in Birmingham, local authorities are becoming more innovative to fuel the UK cycling revolutionWhile the UK’s cycling revolution is hitting the headlines with more and more people buying bicycles or rescuing old ones from the shed, there is still some way to g[...]
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1 week ago
I am the only Home Office-funded sexual violence adviser for people with learning disabilities. It’s the most rewarding job I’ve doneI am an independent sexual violence adviser (ISVA) at Respond, a charity working with people with learning disabilities who have suffered trauma and/or sexual abus[...]
1 week ago
Hiring experts from the voluntary sector share their top questions and how you can best answer themWe asked some of the biggest players in charity interviewing for their killer questions and tips on how to answer them. Continue reading...
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1 week ago
roject officials said that they hope about 300 people will go through the training in drug court, a program that nonviolent offenders must volunteer and be screened for to receive social services such as job training and rehab. The idea is to allow people ...
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1 week ago
The Broachurch actor talks to Anna Isaac about her role at anti-domestic violence charity Tender “I am just an actor – all I do is I memorise someone else’s words and tart around,” says Olivia Colman, Bafta-award-winning actor and patron for anti-domestic violence charity Tender. Within a fe[...]
1 week ago
The college, set up after the death of Baby P, would not have been at the mercy of government funding had enough social workers joinedThe College of Social Work (TCSW) was established following the death of baby Peter Connelly and the very public debate about social work that ensued. The self-declar[...]
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1 week ago
he Tianjin Diocesan Social Service Centre provided 60 volunteers to assist in the emergency response to last week's explosions The morning after the industrial blasts in Tianjin, China, the Tianjin Diocesan Social Service Centre provided 60 volunteers to ...
General Social WorkCharities and Volunteerism
1 week ago
The hospital discharge network is cutting down A&E visits by homeless Londoners and helping them move into permanent homesThomas Stanney was cycling back to his temporary accommodation when a man opened his car door and Stanney crashed straight into it. The collision sent him tumbling onto the r[...]
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33 weeks ago
The two longest volunteer-fought conflicts in US history have resulted in large numbers of veterans coming home not only with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), but also traumatic brain injury (TBI). These “signature” injuries of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars have been called “invisible”[...]

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Thursday October 16 at 2 pm ET Becoming a Certified Application Counselor for the upcoming ACA Open Enrollment Period The second ACA open enrollment period kicks off on November 15, 2014 and social workers are needed to make it a success.  Learn how to become a Certified Application Counselor (CAC)[...]
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From the NYT:The Bloomberg administration said Friday that the number of people living on New York’s streets and subways soared 34 percent in a year, signaling a setback in one of the city’s most intractable problems.
Appearing both startled and dismayed by the sharp increase, a year after [...]
292 weeks ago
Charming, as always:Although the government distributed billions of these food coupons, or food stamps, over the last half-century, only a small number have survived since they were replaced by a debit-card-like system. Now this coupon — and the master dye used to make the plate that created it [...]