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4 days ago
Inequality is harmful at all levels of life so I’m glad leadership ideas are shifting away from traditional ideas. But there is still a long way to go I grew up with a sense of working class injustice. But I never imagined, when I was a student at Hull University, drinking into the night and consp[...]
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5 days ago
To celebrate the 24-hour tweetathon #OurDay on 21 November, we want to see your pictures of the work or volunteering that keeps your community runningSince 2010, central government has cut its grant to councils by more than 25%. By 2020 there will be a shortfall in cash of nearly £6bn.
Local go[...]
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1 week ago
These are volatile times for prisons in England and Wales, with overcrowding and record levels of violence. Can a new scheme that aims to do what Teach First did in schools change things from the inside?Less than a month after Jack started his job, he walked in on a man slashing his arm with a razor[...]
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2 weeks ago
As Brexit looms, the biggest risk is not from Brussels but from England’s low-skilled workforce. Greater local powers are needed to tackle this As the UK heads towards divorce from the EU, questions about the strength and flexibility of our labour market are getting louder. The unfortunate truth i[...]
2 weeks ago
Emails can be major source of stress and disruption in our lives. But there are ways to take back controlEmail is over 30 years old and hasn’t changed that much since its inception. But over the years we have been letting it take over our lives. It started out as a basic electronic messaging syste[...]
2 weeks ago
Above-inflation rise pushes pay pledge over the £10 barrier in London for first time with more than 150,000 workers set to benefit across UKMore than 150,000 workers will get an inflation-beating pay rise on Monday as the UK living wage, which is paid voluntarily by more than 3,600 employers, is in[...]
Housing and Poverty
2 weeks ago
UK charity’s survey finds almost half of disabled people have worried about making employers aware of their disability Almost half of disabled people have worried about making employers aware of their impairment or condition, research by the disability charity Scope has found. This has prompted ca[...]
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2 weeks ago
‘How can society have got to a place where a woman with a decent job struggles to feed her children?’Danielle, in her late 40s, is a single mother with two teenage children She lives in north-east London, and works full-time for a community housing association, earning £21,000. She receives an [...]
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2 weeks ago
New guidance means providers are being forced to pay for the government’s mistakes, and puts the future of the care industry at riskThe government’s latest policy update on sleep-in shift pay has once again put the future of the UK care industry at risk. Some may be forgiven for hoping that give[...]
2 weeks ago
Millions of staff clean our streets and keep our cities moving. It’s time to recognise their contribution to the everyday fabric of our urban livesRosa Pavanelli is general secretary of Public Services InternationalImagine a city with no access to safe water and sanitation, where bins overflow and[...]
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3 weeks ago
Low Incomes Tax Reform Group says welfare change fails to account for fluctuating earnings or one-off expensesBritain’s growing army of low-paid, self-employed workers face being more than £2,000 a year worse off than employees with the same earnings as a result of the government’s flagship wel[...]
3 weeks ago
I feel sorry for the person I arrested recently who had caused criminal damage because they didn’t have the mental health help they needed I am a police officer in an English police force and I’d like to apologise for the lack of support we can offer to people facing mental health problems. Cuts[...]
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3 weeks ago
People with this diagnosis live, love, laugh, work, have children and spend their lives trying to make it all work and to do no harm to others, say a group of mental health professionals and people with lived experienceWe are writing to you in response to your article (Personality disorders at work:[...]
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3 weeks ago
Brexit and policies such as the deep spending cuts to working-age benefits have put senior civil servants in a hard placeOne day there’ll be a Brexit reckoning, which is why civil servants are being so careful to record and annotate their advice to ministers, enabling them to tell future inquirers[...]
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4 weeks ago
Public bodies must collaborate to eliminate hidden exploitation – and people have to be vigilant, says the Welsh anti-slavery tsar Stephen ChapmanIn the Senedd in Cardiff, home to the Welsh assembly, Stephen Chapman talks with passion about how modern slavery can be tackled. “No one person can s[...]
Criminal Justice
5 weeks ago
David Dodd wants employers to assume a degree of responsibility for employees’ mental wellbeing, Justin Harper makes a case for income protection and Gary Fereday says psychoanalytically informed therapies should be more widely available. Plus letters from Keir Harding and Rob DaviesJeremy Hunt ha[...]
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5 weeks ago
Disabled Home Office staff face a wait of up to two years to secure reasonable adjustments in the workplace – we’re treated like we are a burden and a headache I’m not surprised by the way the government treats people with disabilities – you only need to look at how poorly it treats its own [...]
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5 weeks ago
The profession is losing too many staff early in their career, says British Association of Social Workers chief executive Too few social workers feel they can step up to be future managers in the sector, one of the profession’s most senior leaders has warned.
Huge amounts of talent are being lo[...]
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5 weeks ago
Staff stick with ‘inadequate’ authority thanks to £15k bonus – but too few councils can find that kind of moneySocial workers who have worked for West Berkshire for more than three years will receive a £15,000 windfall in their pay packets this autumn, as a thank you for staying with the aut[...]
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5 weeks ago
It employs more staff than the NHS and contributes an estimated £50bn to the economy. Could the sector bounce back from cuts to spearhead regional development?Social care statistics are usually alarming. Particularly through the past seven years of austerity, the figures have told a story of relent[...]
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6 weeks ago
Neurodiversity can be a huge advantage for companies, yet people on the spectrum have often been marginalised. Now some firms are specifically seeking them out. Is this a crucial turning point?Five minutes from London’s Liverpool Street station is an office that looks like any other office in the [...]
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6 weeks ago
Seven years of cuts have left police officers angry and dismayed. Lifting the pay cap isn’t going to help forces with recruitment and retention The Conservative government may have hoped that lifting the public sector pay cap for police officers would make it easier for police forces to recruit [...]
Criminal Justice
6 weeks ago
Entrepreneur criticises BBC pay review but says if a woman knows a man gets more for the same job she should ask for a rise
The businessman Alan Sugar has said women can narrow the gender pay gap by insisting they want to be paid more.The boss of the reality TV show The Apprentice said, however, [...]
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6 weeks ago
Our profession will always have its detractors, but we must be given freedom to put across a more positive imageAll my working life I’ve watched my profession defend itself in the face of media criticism. When you’re starting out, there is some strength gained from an excess of idealism and enth[...]
7 weeks ago
I lie awake at night worrying about money. All public sector workers need a pay rise, not just police and prison staff I work as a housing benefit adviser for a local authority in the West Midlands. Every day I meet and help people who need assistance paying their rent, and sometimes I have to give [...]