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21 hours ago
Shocked by the ‘poverty cycle’, British reformers created a safety net for casual workers. Now precarious working conditions are back, and the welfare state is under attack. By Chris RenwickTucked away behind York Minster – the grand cathedral adorned with medieval stained-glass windows that d[...]
PovertyHealthHousing and Poverty
2 days ago
Every family is affected by the challenges of our ageing society. The government must act now to build health and care provision fit for allThis party conference season, all political parties will use their platforms to set out a post-election vision. Adult social care was one of the big general ele[...]
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4 days ago
GMB union criticises government policy as report says the public sector jobs share is now 16.9%, the lowest since 1947Public sector employment has fallen to a 70-year low in terms of share of the labour market, the GMB union has said, with the loss of just under a million public sector jobs since 20[...]
Health and CareGovernment Policy
5 days ago
Since I was assaulted at an illegal waste site, the Environment Agency are aiming to better manage hostile situations, trialling body-worn cameras to protect staff Aggression, threats and on some occasions, violence, are all things you become accustomed to as a police officer. During my 30 years at [...]
Criminal Justice
6 days ago
The Lammy Review found that juries were consistent in their decision-making, irrespective of the ethnicity of the defendant. Judges are a different story Related: The racial bias in our justice system is creating a social timebomb | David Lammy We are told our criminal justice system is the fairest[...]
Minorities and ImmigrationCriminal Justice
1 week ago
Almost half of employers in Scotland have problems retaining staff, Guardian survey findsAttracting people into social work is getting easier in Scotland – but keeping them in the job will be increasingly difficult unless workloads are curbed.
This is the mixed picture to emerge from analysis o[...]
1 week ago
People who rely on services say they want care to be ‘human’. Our new improvement strategy for adult social care is built on that Great social care has the power to transform people’s lives positively but inadequate, unreliable care is devastating and casts a dark shadow over the rest of the s[...]
CareersHealth and Care
1 week ago
I work with young homeless people who are being failed by the public services that were set up to support them I work as an accommodation and assessment worker for a charity supporting young homeless people as they battle against hardship, and often, unfortunately, the statutory services set up to s[...]
2 weeks ago
Pitifully few permanent secretaries have spent their careers in operational delivery. As Brexit looms, that culture is holding back the civil serviceYou can often tell when things have gone awry in an organisation, when its top brass calls for a return to the shop floor.It happened in Tesco in 2014,[...]
Health and CareGerontology
2 weeks ago
Fatou, who has a degree in childhood studies, thinks her Muslim religion played a part in her rejection from jobsFatou came to the UK from Guinea when she was 16. She dreamed of a successful career as a banker or doctor and had worked hard to gain qualifications, which she had to redo in the UK. She[...]
EducationHealth and Care
2 weeks ago
One in five Muslim adults in full-time work compared with 35% of overall population, Social Mobility Commission saysMuslim men and women are being held back in the workplace by widespread Islamophobia, racism and discrimination, according to a study which finds that Muslim adults are far less likely[...]
EducationWomens Issues
2 weeks ago
Thousands of nursing staff gathered in Westminster on Wednesday to demonstrate against the 1% cap on public sector pay. The Royal College of Nursing has warned that industrial action will be tabled if the cap is not scrapped in the autumn budget Continue reading...
HealthEducationHealth and Care
2 weeks ago
Union threatens industrial action if government fails to axe 1% cap on public sector pay in autumn budgetAbout 2,000 nursing staff are expected to take part in a demonstration outside parliament on Wednesday afternoon demanding that the government lift the pay cap.The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) [...]
HealthEducationHealth and Care
2 weeks ago
HMRC’s pursuit of backdated payments for workers providing sleep-in care could cost sector £400m, says Royal Mencap SocietyCare providers for people with learning disabilities are facing a £400m bill for back pay that could bankrupt the entire sector, the charity Royal Mencap Society has warned.[...]
CharitiesCharities and VolunteerismHealth and CareDisabili
2 weeks ago
Working for one of the 21 privatised probation firms, I’ve seen cuts, stress, sickness and a rise in violent incidents. Time to end this experimentI’ve worked in probation for a long time. It has never been perfect, but before then-justice secretary Chris Grayling got his hands on it, it was sai[...]
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3 weeks ago
A new report shows how building trust between service users and future social workers can impact practicePeter Beresford is emeritus professor of social policy at Brunel University LondonSocial work education in England is in crisis. Courses are closing. Fast-track schemes are costly and out of cont[...]
3 weeks ago
The austerity rhetoric may have softened but the policies haven’t as latest government figures show 70,000 disabled people had benefits stoppedIt’s all over now, isn’t it? With Brexit in focus and the coalition government long out of office, it would be easy to believe the Tories’ brutal “[...]
4 weeks ago
After 30 years as a firefighter, Roger Moore struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder. He says the Fire Fighter Charity probably saved him from suicideFor nine months, former-firefighter Roger Moore had the image of a girl he’d seen die, hovering in his peripheral vision. The child had been k[...]
5 weeks ago
Equality and Human Rights Commission outlines strategy that also recommends giving fathers additional paternity leaveSweeping employment changes, including advertising all UK jobs with flexible working and giving fathers additional paternity leave, should be made to tackle the gender pay gap, the eq[...]
WomenChildren and ParentingDisabilitiesWomens
5 weeks ago
In some communities there is a strong taboo around talking to the police - firefighters worry this could be extended to them too
In July Essex Police and Crime Commissioner Roger Hirst became the first PCC to take over the running of a fire and rescue service, exercising a new option introduced e[...]
Criminal Justice
6 weeks ago
Pilot scheme at HMP Birmingham prepares prisoners for jobs and urges employers to see the potential of untapped workforceIn a brightly lit loft above the chapel of HMP Birmingham, singer Julianne Bastock is asking local business people to miaow up and down a musical scale.There are nervous smiles am[...]
CharitiesCriminal JusticeWomens Issues
6 weeks ago
New book gives insight into experiences of the homecare sector’s mostly female and working-class workforce and calls for changes to labour law “My ex-husband fixes cars, and I fix people. Like lots of men he says: ‘I couldn’t do the job you are doing’, but I couldn’t be a car mechanic. S[...]
6 weeks ago
Working on the bins is a hard and dirty job that we do with pride. We can’t let the council gloss over cuts with the public any moreI’ve been working for Birmingham’s refuse service for over a decade now, or “the bins” as me and my mates call it. I say mates because that’s what my collea[...]
7 weeks ago
A more diverse civil service needs to hire more people with criminal records, to help turn lives around and to set a good example to other employersIan Watmore is the first civil service commissioner Back in 2008 when I was a permanent secretary in the civil service, my then secretary of state, John[...]
Health and CareCriminal Justice
7 weeks ago
Tougher action promised by David Metcalf, director of labour market enforcement, as employers dodge wage regulationsFar too many companies are getting away with breaking the law over the wages they pay, says the government’s adviser on employment abuses.Sir David Metcalf, director of labour market[...]

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In recent years, student loan forgiveness (SLF) has become an issue of national interest in the United States, especially in the wake of economic recession and unemployment. The potential of SLF as a recruitment tool and job retention mechanism has engendered widespread support for implementing SLF [...]