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6 weeks ago
As a physiotherapist, I know a third of women don’t have reliable body control. I wanted to raise awareness of this taboo subject at Edinburgh festivalI’m a physiotherapist, and as a fresh-faced graduate, my ambition was to work in elite sports. I did it, too, thriving on team spirit, travel and[...]
7 weeks ago
A long-term funding plan and a care worker recruitment drive are desperately needed. Why isn’t the government acting?Lynn Day is a care home managerIt was interesting to watch the sudden spike of interest in social care during the general election campaign. The public debate was welcome, but now t[...]
PolicyHealth and CareGovernment Policy
9 weeks ago
Charities faced merciless scrutiny over telephone scandals and are now trusted more than the government. Shame the Conservatives haven’t taken noteIt’s said that rules are there to be broken – and a Channel 4 News investigation alleges that the Conservative party really took that to heart in t[...]
CharitiesCharities and Volunteerism
10 weeks ago
The Lobbying Act is absurd but fear and apathy have driven charities to shirk their duty to carry out even basic campaigningThe general election was a dark moment in the history of British charities. In a campaign characterised by grassroots, democratic activism, the voices of charities – the foun[...]
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12 weeks ago
Despite the odd pothole and bumpy ride, James Coke finds it easy to enjoy Glastonbury by wheelchairI first went to Glastonbury in 1983, when I was 19, and continued going for five years, like a rite of passage. It felt like a rebel enclave, an escape to a utopia prepared to stick two fingers up to t[...]
Mental Health
13 weeks ago
The Office for Civil Society was once a bold idea, but government has parked charities and campaign groups in a siding. It’s time to demand changeSo Tracey Crouch is the new minister for civil society, adding that responsibility to her existing role as sports minister. A minor department gets an o[...]
CharitiesCharities and VolunteerismHealth and Care
14 weeks ago
Tracey Crouch is new minister for both sport and civil society. Here’s what the not-for-profit sector would like her to doCharities and social enterprises finally have a new minister, after former civil society minister Rob Wilson lost his Reading East constituency, but have expressed concern that[...]
CharitiesCharities and Volunteerism
14 weeks ago
Youth turnout was key to the general election – now turn that energy into activism and vote every day about the kind of community you want to live inThe “youthquake” was key to Labour’s surge in last week’s general election. No official turnout data exists yet but an NME-led exit poll sugg[...]
CharitiesChildren and Parenting
14 weeks ago
The NHS has the same prime minister and the same health secretary and certainly the same familiar problems – too little money and too few staff
It was a curious election from an NHS point of view. The state of the health service was voters’ number one priority, but the NHS still did not dom[...]
HealthHealth and CareGovernment Policy
14 weeks ago
It’s back to the dayjob for the public servants who run the country - and before the next election, it may also be time to rethink purdah restrictionsIf political uncertainty is bad for businesses, spare a thought for the hundreds of thousands of civil servants and local government officers around[...]
Children and ParentingEducationHealth and CareMinorities and Immigration
14 weeks ago
Engaging young people with politics long term isn’t about gimmicks or social media targeting – they want a positive vision of social changeThat soft irritating sound you can hear coming from Westminster is the sound of our entire political class scratching their heads at Thursday’s election re[...]
14 weeks ago
The constituency in which I live is home to Russian oligarchs, and some of the poorest people in London. The latter, daring to hope, have delivered this resultThe last result of the election was declared on Friday evening. After three recounts, and a break to address the tiredness of the tellers, th[...]
PovertyHousing and Poverty
14 weeks ago
The Tory manifesto offered little on the housing crisis. Can a new minister tackle private renting, rough sleeping and young people’s despair?I’ve always believed that one day housing would be a decisive factor in a UK general election. On 8 June 2017, however, once again, this issue was the dog[...]
HousingHousing and Poverty
14 weeks ago
A consensus should reach beyond Westminster, powered by the experience of those who use services, their families and care professionalsThe voters have spoken. No party has a clear mandate to govern. Amid the tumult of a hung parliament and impending Brexit negotiations, could social care emerge as t[...]
PolicyCareersHealth and Care
14 weeks ago
How we pay for care was one of the most heated issues during the election campaign. The parties must now come together to fix the problemSay you’re saving for your first home and want to put away the correct amount every month. You aim to save up for a 10% deposit and a buffer for paying off the m[...]
PolicyHealth and Care
14 weeks ago
Two new Labour MPs – Jared O’Mara and Marsha de Cordova – are part of the increase, but disability campaigners say more work needs to be doneThe new House of Commons will include five disabled MPs, an increase of three on the last term. Continue reading...
14 weeks ago
Few believed that Corbyn could lead the party to its highest vote share since 1997Mild-mannered and modest, mocked, maligned and ridiculed for his startling absence of charisma and a profound love of “the people”, on the eve of his election, a commentator said of him: “And a little mouse shall[...]
14 weeks ago
Labour takes traditional Tory stronghold by 20 votes as May says Philip Hammond, Boris Johnson, Amber Rudd, David Davis and Michael Fallon will all stay in positions
• Election results tracker: seat by seat guide
• What is a hung parliament and what happens now?
• Owen Jones: Corbyn w[...]
14 weeks ago
PM to ask Queen’s permission to form government following election that resulted in hung parliament and surge in support for Labour• Election results tracker: seat by seat guide
• What is a hung parliament and what happens now?
• Owen Jones: Corbyn would make a fine prime minister
14 weeks ago
Could that overnight muttering among disconsolate Tory MPs about public services mean the end of austerity policies?
Thank heavens for a strong and stable civil service, Sir Peter Housden tweeted on Friday morning. The point made by the former head of the Scottish government and permanent secreta[...]
14 weeks ago
It’s clear from the election result that young people are now an electoral force to be reckoned with, after being ignored, abused and taken for granted for decadesWho’d be Theresa May this morning? When the prime minister called a snap election in April, it seemed less a gamble and more a smart [...]
HousingHousing and PovertyEducationCriminal Justice
14 weeks ago
Theresa May’s visionless, empty negativism deserved to fail. This signals a monumental shift in what is to come• Election 2017 - latest updatesThe earthquake shock of the exit poll will be forever a “where were you?” memory. Defying all prediction Theresa May was trounced and “Jez we can[...]
15 weeks ago
This election should be prime time for us to challenge leaders on human rights, the arms trade and environmental issues, but no one wants to get fined
Wondering why this election has seen no reasonable discussion about human rights, the environment or development? That’s because the Lobbying Ac[...]
15 weeks ago
Six of the youngest MP candidates from four parties tell us why they dropped exam revision for door-knockingOpinion polls and expert predictions ahead of the general election suggest that the youth vote could determine the outcome. But who’s planning to represent young people in Westminster? Among[...]
EducationChildren and Parenting
15 weeks ago
For 16 hours on 8 June, I’ll be handing out your polling card. It’s a long day on democracy’s frontline, but I love itThey are the people you don’t notice on voting day, the people you hand your polling card to as you collect your vote. They are the poll clerks. Related: Marginal gains: the [...]