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1 week ago
About 10% of my trust’s workforce is from the EU. We urgently need some clarity before those staff abandon the NHS“Should we be worried about Brexit?” As a chief executive of west London mental health NHS trust, I make a point of getting out into our diverse and geographically dispersed servic[...]
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9 weeks ago
Charities faced merciless scrutiny over telephone scandals and are now trusted more than the government. Shame the Conservatives haven’t taken noteIt’s said that rules are there to be broken – and a Channel 4 News investigation alleges that the Conservative party really took that to heart in t[...]
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11 weeks ago
The public sector in the UK is increasingly reliant on European labour – but concerns over their future status are driving workers awayHospital wards, nursing homes and other adult care services are losing vital staff as a result of Brexit, according to unions, NHS and social care providers.The wa[...]
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14 weeks ago
Official figures show 46 nurses came to work in the UK in April, down from 1,304 last JulyThe number of nurses from the EU registering to work in the UK has dropped by 96% less than a year after the Brexit vote, official figures show. Last July, 1,304 EU nurses came to work in the UK; this fell to j[...]
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19 weeks ago
To continue to pay national insurance after retirement would ensure that those who live longest have contributed most to the health and care systems, writes Jeremy HiltonI am incensed by Crispin Read Wilson’s suggestion (Letters, 10 May) that “silver voters” are almost entirely responsible for[...]
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22 weeks ago
More than 90,000 European care workers in the UK are living in limbo, none the wiser about how they will be affected by Brexit. Here are some of their storiesArticle 50 has been triggered, beginning the countdown to the UK’s exit from the European Union. Yet none of the 92,000 EU nationals working[...]
22 weeks ago
Cuts have left the civil service scrambling, but Theresa May will need an efficient Whitehall machine to get her through Brexit Whitehall goes into purdah pondering two big questions and a teaser, assuming Theresa May wins big on 8 June. The teaser is how long it will be before a successor to cabine[...]
24 weeks ago
Cross-party pressure to guarantee employment for EU nationals as fears grow of mass exodus of staffThe government is under intense cross-party pressure to guarantee that EU nationals will still be able to work in the NHS, as concern grows that Brexit will cause a critical shortage of nurses and doct[...]
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24 weeks ago
Before the Brexit referendum, voluntary organisations felt gagged by the rules on campaigning. Now we must make our voices heardIn the lead up to the EU referendum last June, charities were confused. They didn’t know whether or not they were allowed to take a position and campaign for a specific o[...]
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26 weeks ago
NHS staff | Gendered language | Wasted coffee cups | Article 50 | Oddly named mealsDuring a recent 10-day stay in a London hospital I impertinently asked each of the 49 people who came to my bedside where they were from originally. Ten were British, five Portuguese, four Spanish, three Philippi[...]
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43 weeks ago
Women and equalities select committee says there has been a lack of transparency over impact of the 2015 spending reviewA committee of MPs has called for an independent inquiry into why the government has not revealed an analysis of how its spending plans have affected women, minorities and disabled[...]
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47 weeks ago
Spy who worked for Soviet Union while at MI6 climbed the wall at Wormwood Scrubs in 1966 with help of three former inmatesExactly 50 years ago, on 22 October 1966, one of Britain’s most notorious double agents escaped from prison. With ministers, the police special branch and MI5 all assuming it w[...]
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