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4 days ago
Adverts will have visual filters applied so viewers can experience macular degeneration and cataractsTV viewers will have the opportunity to experience what their sight would be like with various eye conditions on Monday night when Channel 4 airs a unique advert break.The broadcaster will show five [...]
2 weeks ago
Michael Meadowcroft says British governments have played their part in the rise of gambling and are now hooked on the revenues it generatesYour editorial rightly highlights the need to act on the excesses of the gambling industry (Problem gambling has reached crisis point. Time to regulate, 1 Septem[...]
4 weeks ago
Wendy Berliner of Education Media Centre says she is ‘horrified’ by programme that purports to identify Britain’s cleverest childChild Genius, the Channel 4 series that will claim to identify the country’s cleverest child, has been compared to a circus exploiting children by educational expe[...]
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4 weeks ago
Wendy Berliner of Education Media Centre says she is ‘horrified’ by programme that seeks to identify Britain’s cleverest childChild Genius, the Channel 4 series that will claim to identify the country’s cleverest child, has been compared to a circus exploiting children by educational experts[...]
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6 weeks ago
Inspection reveals that Rainsbrook secure training centre, run by US firm MTCnovo, saw 500 incidents where harm was inflicted in six months
Levels of violent incidents and use of force by staff have increased at a privately run child jail, according to a report by inspectors. The jail was sold of[...]
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7 weeks ago
From Swansea semi to London bedsit, Jude Rogers has called many places home. For a new radio series, she decided to ‘time‑travel’ through them all – a journey that stirred both memories and emotionsWhen I was 18, just before I left home, I used to repeat a peculiar, magical ritual. I’d bor[...]
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15 weeks ago
NHS staff shortages | Channel 4’s new head | Word misuse | Science and engineers | Adnan KhashoggiSeveral people of my acquaintance have told me that they are seriously considering taking out private health cover, in order not to have long waits for diagnosis. Is it possible that the staff shortag[...]
HealthHealth and CareGovernment Policy
23 weeks ago
“Most refugees sent to the poorest parts of the UK” (Front page headline, 10 April). Here are suggested headlines for the remainder of the week: “Lowest life expectancy in the poorest parts of the UK”; “Proportionately highest levels of indirect taxation…”; “Worst maintained pri[...]
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28 weeks ago
Presenter of BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour sparks outrage with article on transgender women in Sunday Times magazine A chorus of protest – and some support – has greeted an article by the broadcaster Jenni Murray, presenter of BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour, that questioned the claims of transg[...]
Womens Issues
30 weeks ago
Everyone who heard Steve Hewlett’s moving account of his oesophageal cancer will be sad to know that, for him, there was no cure (Report, 21 February). But I write as the wife of a survivor of this disease. My husband, now 81, was diagnosed in November 2011.After a course of chemo, he was operated[...]
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33 weeks ago
MPs have slammed the disgraceful state of accommodation for destitute asylum seekers, which has had huge impact on their health and wellbeing What happens to asylum seekers once they’ve reached the UK? Asylum seekers with no family and friends in the UK, and no means of supporting themselves, are [...]
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36 weeks ago
Chemo may have spoiled the Christmas lunch but 2017 holds the promise of a change in treatmentSo here we are – Christmas proper is upon us and I have to drive to the Isle of Wight to see the kids and lots of their aunties, uncles and cousins. I’ve got over the disappointment of the rather exciti[...]
40 weeks ago
Black and minority ethnic people make up 17% of English arts workforce and disabled people account for 4%, report findsThe proportion of black and minority ethnic people working in England’s subsidised arts and museums sector is increasing but more needs to be done to improve representation and em[...]
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42 weeks ago
Broadcaster Steve Hewlett’s continuing account of his illness. This week: on the BBC Breakfast sofa, back in hospital for tests, and a big night on stageTuesday 15 NovemberAfter four days of in-patient treatment – intensive rehydration, intravenous antibiotics and two units of blood, not to ment[...]
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44 weeks ago
The Radio 4 broadcaster Steve Hewlett continues his diary of his struggle with disease and gets reacquainted with a painful ‘old friend’ – kidney stonesIt’s another big week for me and my cancer (aren’t they all?), but it’s Wednesday so it’s Media Show day, and things are really hottin[...]
HealthHealth and Care
46 weeks ago
Broadcaster Steve Hewlett chronicles, in the first of a series of diaries, the ethical choices and extraordinary costs that are an everyday part of a patient’s lifeMy 11th dose of high-energy radiation, which, to be honest, I’m finding a bit more punishing than the seven cycles of chemotherapy I[...]
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47 weeks ago
Performance pay awards made weeks after prisons inspector said managerial oversight failed to protect young people from abuse Senior managers at a privately run children’s jail received bonuses this year despite the prison being taken out of their hands following allegations of abuse.
48 weeks ago
When the broadcaster decided to discuss his medical journey on Radio 4, he was surprised by the reactionBack in March, the broadcaster and journalist Steve Hewlett received the sort of mortal shock that frequently opens a newspaper article about how to deal with a serious illness: he was told by doc[...]
51 weeks ago
Human rights groups seek rethink of decision to hand Equality Advisory and Support Service to scandal-hit security firmAwarding global security firm G4S the contract to run a national discrimination helpline raises “serious and legitimate grounds for concern” and risks undermining the service’[...]
51 weeks ago
The Channel 4 comedy received a mixed reception from social workers, students and those with experience of social work Damned: Jo Brand’s new sitcom finds the humour in social work A new TV sitcom, Damned, started on Tuesday night on Channel 4. The series created by Jo Brand, whose mother was[...]
51 weeks ago
Channel 4 comedy aims to portray social workers in a refreshing and realistic way, although the writers admit some scenarios had to be toned downAre social workers damned if they do, damned if they don’t? So suggests the title of a new Channel 4 sitcom that documents the ups and downs of a group o[...]