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20 weeks ago
Astonishing advancements in 3D printing are transforming the prospects for severely ill and injured patientsMost people know tuberculosis as a disease of the lungs, but that’s not always the case.For a 32-year-old woman in India, the disease manifested in her spine – in 10 different vertebrae, t[...]
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44 weeks ago
Royal College of Surgeons explores 3D hologram headsets and other hi-tech devices to replace cadaver-based tuitionSurgeons are embracing technology’s cutting edge, using the latest in augmented, virtual and mixed reality to transform medical training. Related: How virtual reality is changing the g[...]
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51 weeks ago
Housing policy | Chartists | Cymru am byth | Flava | Radio 3 and birdsong
Matt Wilde’s article on housing (Our immoral housing policy is set up to punish the poor, 26 September) was heartbreaking. I was truly shocked to hear how easy it is to put someone out on the streets in this rich countr[...]
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