3 hours ago
As of 6 July, it will be illegal for New South Wales venues to allow smoking while they serve food, even outside. Is this a sign that the nanny state has gone mad or a righteous intervention on the behalf of public health? Guardian Australia's Adam Brereton and Brigid Delaney sit down to chew the fa[...]
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8 hours ago
Leading thinktank’s survey of financial directors finds two-thirds of all NHS trusts are forecasting deficits, even the most prestigious and well-run hospitals
Patients in England face poorer NHS and social care, including longer waiting times, because of the financial “black hole” that lo[...]
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It is simply untrue to say, “about 107,100 cases concerning violence against women and girls were prosecuted over the [past] 12 months”(Report, 25 June).Responsibility for this error, however, lies not with your staff but with the Crown Prosecution Service and its report, misleadingly entitled V[...]
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Children suffering from the rare, life-shortening disease face a 16-week wait while Nice conducts a cost-effective analysisChildren with the rare, life-shortening disease Morquio syndrome will not get a new drug that their families and friends have been campaigning for on a compassionate basis becau[...]
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15 hours ago
Out of those who obtained an appointment, 17% waited a week or more to see or speak to someone, according to GP patient surveyJust over a quarter of people in England were unable to obtain a GP appointment or waited a week or more to see or speak to someone the last time they tried, according to res[...]
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16 hours ago
From Ruby Wax’s speech to whether the sector has self-esteem issues, the main topics of discussion from this year’s eventWith a 35,000 strong workforce, occupational therapists are only a small proportion of the health and social care sector. And yet in an increasingly integrated care landscape,[...]
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17 hours ago
A campaign drawing attention to the 800,000 children in Europe whose families are torn apart by the penal system The motivation for the campaign led by Children of Prisoners Europe (Cope, a European network of charitable organisations and partners in prison or child-welfare related fields) is very s[...]
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Testimonies of former health secretaries reveal that while the details may have changed, the challenges of running the NHS remain largely the sameWhat do you learn from taking on the toughest job in government, secretary of state for health? At the Institute for Government three former secretaries [...]
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21 hours ago
Stressful jobs, long hours and shift work can negatively impact on diet and fitness. But eating better and exercising more can aid sleep and boost energy levelsYou’ve had a long day. Your stomach is rumbling and you’re exhausted. What’s the first thing you grab to eat? Most likely it’s a mic[...]
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22 hours ago
Whitehall can expect huge cuts in the emergency budget but there is scope for major efficiencies in procurement and shared servicesWith UK chancellor George Osborne so keen to balance the nation’s books, unprotected Whitehall departments can expect cuts of £13bn by 2020 in next week’s emer[...]
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service agencies ... seeking a degree in social work. Hers is an encouraging story ...
Along with other SNN reporters, I wrote about the burden of poverty for Kent County public via News 
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After the mass shooting on June 19 at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C.,  the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) issued a statement saying it would support initiatives to end racism in our nation, enact sensible gun control laws, and improve delivery of menta[...]

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6 days ago
The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) applauds the U.S. Supreme Court for a ruling today that clears the way for same-sex couples to marry in all 50 states. In a 5-4 majority opinion written by Justice Kennedy in Obergerfell v. Hodges, the court held that the Fourteenth Amendment require[...]
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Today, the Supreme Court ruled in a 5-4 decision that the disparate impact provision in the Fair Housing Act of 1968 is indeed constitutional and is a necessary tool for eliminating housing discrimination.  This case did not receive a great deal of attention from the media, but it was one of the mo[...]
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Today, the Supreme Court made a monumental decision on a challenge to the federal Affordable Care Act (ACA). In a 6-3 ruling, the Court dismissed the contention that providing subsidies to low-income persons to purchase health care through the ACA was not proper due to lack of specific authorization[...]