6 hours ago
The charity, set up in 1996 by Camila Batmanghelidjh, recently received a £3m rescue package from the governmentKids Company, the London youth work charity, is said to have told ministers it will be shutting its services on Wednesday evening in the light of new concerns about its financial manageme[...]
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6 hours ago
Health budget must rise, or patient fees increase and services diminish, public finance institute warns ministers in bleak assessment of ‘short-term’ pledgesMinisters will have to consider charging patients for seeing a GP, attending A&E, and using the food, power and water of hospitals, unl[...]
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7 hours ago
Calls for public health rethink after research suggests people who believe they are overweight comfort-eat, leading to further weight gainPeople who think they are overweight or obese are more likely to pile on the pounds than those who are unaware that they may be heavier than doctors would advise,[...]
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7 hours ago
Research of more than 3,000 people experiencing homelessness also found greater number of women lived with mental health difficultiesDependency on heroin and cocaine is more prevalent among homeless women than men, according to research.A third of homeless women reported having used heroin in the la[...]
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12 hours ago
Our decision to look to buy properties outside the borough has been given the full Guardian treatment (Kensington to house vulnerable tenants outside city, 3 August). Your report says we “want” to move those in temporary accommodation to cheaper areas.In fact, placing homeless househol[...]
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13 hours ago
Housing and unemployment benefits for the young support thousands of parents, care leavers and homeless people, who ought to be protectedIt may be an unpopular thing to say working in the charity sector but, among the young people who are currently claiming unemployment and housing benefits, there w[...]
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16 hours ago
A project with a national hotel chain is helping students with learning disabilities at a specialist college polish up their employment skillsFrom the familiar purple decor to the signage encouraging guests to re-use their towels, if you stepped into the immaculate bedroom at Derwen College, you’d[...]
17 hours ago
I’d like to think other young people from deprived backgrounds like mine might follow in my footsteps into law. But they won’t – as the government has whipped away the ladder of social mobilityI was on holiday recently and found myself sharing a few drinks with my 19-year-old son and a group o[...]
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17 hours ago
Young white people more likely than black or minority ethnic teenagers to try or regularly use tobacco or electronic cigarettes according to new figuresE-cigarette use by 15-year-olds mirrors the trend for teenagers’ tobacco smoking, generally being higher in the more deprived parts of England, ac[...]
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18 hours ago
FOI request reveals 6,798 people complained to the NHS in 2013-14 about not being able to give blood at arranged sessions despite fears of future shortageThe NHS has turned away thousands of potential blood donors because staff are too busy, despite complaining of a 40% slump in people coming forwar[...]
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19 hours ago
The charity has been given £3.1m to to hire 15 specialists to help those at risk of child sex exploitation – but working with the council and police is essentialWhen reading the headlines about Barnardo’s £3.1m windfall to tackle child sex abuse in Rotherham, you could be mistaken into be[...]
19 hours ago
YMCA charity says plans to scrap housing benefit payments for jobless 18-21-year-olds could cause a steep rise in homelessnessThousands of vulnerable young people could be made homeless as a result of the government’s plans to scrap housing benefit payments for jobless 18- to 21-year-olds, the YMC[...]
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19 hours ago
Europeans enjoy more rights and stabler rents than people in the UK, who suffer from the uniquely British phenomenon of amateur landlordsWhen a group from a Stockholm tenants union came to London to find out about renting in the UK they spoke to renters’ groups and asked about the type of problems[...]
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20 hours ago
The outrage at the killing of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe contrasts sharply with our reaction to the plight of migrants in CalaisNews of the death of Cecil the lion at the hands of an American dentist has been greeted with massive outrage by ordinary people across the globe. This is unsurprising. Cec[...]
21 hours ago
Junior doctors, nurses, other healthcare professionals and patients – tell us your experiences of changeover day
On Wednesday, thousands of newly qualified medical graduates start work in hospitals across the country. Research shows that the influx of inexperienced staff leads to a 6% rise in p[...]
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21 hours ago
Yusuf Abdismad’s mother was left confused by questions asked in 999 call and was then directed to NHS 111, causing delays to ambulance arrivingA five-year-old boy died from meningitis after confusion between ambulance operators and the NHS 111 service caused delays to his treatment, a coroner said[...]
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22 hours ago
As a profession, we must stand up for the most vulnerable people, even if that means challenging the government’s stanceContrary to what it would be easy to believe in light of the government and media response to the situation in Calais, we have a humanitarian crisis on our doorstep. Last week Da[...]
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23 hours ago
Landlords who fail to check tenants’ immigration status face five-year jail terms as part of government crackdown to reduce UK’s appeal as a migrant destination Immigrants living in Britain illegally will face abrupt eviction from rental properties under new laws designed to make Britain a tough[...]
23 hours ago
Health service regulator Monitor warns that current plans are ‘quite simply unaffordable’, as Labour attacks evidence of deteriorating NHS financesNHS trusts have been told by Monitor, the health service regulator, to fill vacancies “only where essential” as it warned that current financial [...]
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23 hours ago
Home Office ministers to adopt more hardline approach to those who have exhausted appeal rights, to demonstrate that UK is not ‘land of milk and honey’Plans for thousands of families of refused asylum seekers to be stripped of their automatic right to financial support are to be detailed by Home[...]
23 hours ago
It won’t be easy, but with this handy step-by-step guide you too can privatise a health service
So you want to sell off the NHS? The 67-year old behemoth has radically improved people’s quality of life for nearly a century, so it won’t be easy. Here’s a handy step-by-step guide to privati[...]
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NASW on July 29 congratulated Rep. Karen Bass (D-CA) for earning a master’s degree in social work from USC. NASW CEO Angelo McClain and NASW Deputy Director of Programs Heidi McIntosh presented Bass with a certificate of appreciation and NASW lapel pin. Bass, who worked as a physician assistant, i[...]

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By Greg Wright, News contributor Poverty rates among people who are LGBT are high, but economic insecurity is even greater for LGBT people of color, according to a report released by the Movement Advancement Project and the Center for American Progress. NASW is a partner on the report, titled “P[...]
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