4 hours ago
Gay and transgender campaigners in Japan celebrate on Tuesday after a district in Tokyo became the first in the country to recognise same-sex partnerships. A small group of activists hold a banner thanking the ward of Shibuya for voting to issue certificates recognising same-sex unions as equivalen[...]
4 hours ago
70 million adults have arrest or conviction records in the United States - or about one in three adults. Restricting their employment is holding back our economyI have a lot of titles in my life. I am a husband, father, college graduate, former corporate and small business employee, and retired smal[...]
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4 hours ago
Patients complain of feeling exposed and left to wait too long in a draughty gown. We are listening to their poor experiences to improve servicesNHS England’s blueprint for the future, the Five Year Forward View, says: “Sometimes the health service has been prone to operating a ‘factory’ mo[...]
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4 hours ago
Reality check: the headline figures the PM quotes mask the rise of zero-hours contracts, self-employment, and low payDavid Cameron claims that his government has created 1,000 jobs a day since the coalition came to power in 2010. He also claims that a Conservative government would continue to create[...]
4 hours ago
Age ratings and threatening parents with police intervention aren’t the answer. Parents need to know what their children are playing and judge for themselvesAt last! Another reason for everyone to get over-excited about video games. Thanks, headteachers’ group from Cheshire that sent a brick-sub[...]
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5 hours ago
In the third of a series we highlight the campaign against enforced community work placementsWhat’s it all about? The Keep Volunteering Voluntary campaign began nearly a year ago in April 2014. It was started in response to the Department for Work and Pensions’ (DWP) workfare programme which req[...]
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5 hours ago
Reality TV, smartphones and social media may be reducing our ability to distinguish real life from entertainment, and our capacity to empathiseIn an incident so sickening it is hard to find words to describe it, a man in Telford is reported to have fallen to his death after being goaded into jumping[...]
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6 hours ago
More work still needs to be done to dispel confusion surrounding social enterprises in Vietnam and help promote sustainable growth It’s mid-afternoon in the village of Duong O, Bac Ninh province, but Huong hasn’t got time to break for tea. She’s only halfway through the long, exhausting job of[...]
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6 hours ago
#FacesOfProstitution begins trending in the wake of blogpost from sex trafficking campaigners Exodus Cry, who say that the Julia Roberts film led women to believe sex work was glamorousLast week marked 25 years since the release of Pretty Woman, in which Julia Roberts’s call girl falls for Richard[...]
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6 hours ago
Problems arise from attempts to describe the ageing population as a single entity because of the huge age range
I am now one of “the elderly” and I hate it. Not being 70, I hasten to add – I am very glad to be in reasonable health after a life punctuated by polio, acute renal failure and [...]
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7 hours ago
Though social care has been dominated by women, more men are becoming temporary social or care workersThe latest Comensura Social Care Index, a report analysing the usage of temporary social workers in local authorities, revealed that during July to September 2014 versus the same period in 2013, usa[...]
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8 hours ago
People with strong relationships are 50% more likely to survive life-threatening illnesses, research shows
When someone is diagnosed with a long-term health condition such as cancer or dementia or experiences a stroke, the NHS has a duty to provide the best physical care possible. Every healthcar[...]
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10 hours ago
With the fictional divide beween deserving and undeserving poor collapsing, the Conservatives’ ugly logic is turning into the one story they truly fearIt was the raw early days of the coalition, and one of David Cameron’s lieutenants was giving a frank answer to my blunt question: what would it [...]
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11 hours ago
The closer a patient comes to death, the less they want to hear about their prognosis. Telling the truth while preserving hope is the greatest challenge of an oncologistIn the last few months, her luck has taken a downturn. There is theoretically a drug or two left to give but not without causing co[...]
14 hours ago
To tackle ice, Australia needs brave leaders who understand that there will always be people who take meth, and no amount of law enforcement will ever change thatIn its report on the methamphetamine market, the Australian Crime Commission has identified ice as the illicit drug posing the highest ris[...]
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16 hours ago
Nick Clegg says equality for mental health provision is part of the liberal mission, with extra funding commitment featuring in party’s ‘manifesto for the mind’ The Liberal Democrats have pledged more than £2bn of extra funding for mental health over the next parliament on top of what ha[...]
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16 hours ago
Ukip leader will say at Dover unveiling of party’s first billboard poster that reducing immigration to tens of thousands is not possible while UK is in EUNigel Farage is to attempt to put David Cameron under pressure on the issue of immigration ahead of the television debates as he unveils Ukip’[...]
18 hours ago
New child welfare minister pledges to improve ‘shameful’ record on adoption – with more than 30 million orphans estimated in countryWhen Shreya Roy applied to adopt an orphan in Delhi in 2012, she was told the wait could be at least three years – if she was lucky.“We called about 25 childr[...]
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20 hours ago
The NHS’s greatest asset is its workforce. But the Royal College of Physicians’ recent report found that NHS staff too often work in environments detrimental not only to their health and wellbeing but to patient care as well.After teachers, nurses are the most stressed profession in the UK. The [...]
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20 hours ago
Your article (Co-pilot ‘hid illness from airline and colleagues’, 28 March) frustrated and saddened me in its treatment of the investigations into the pilot of flight 4U9525. The portrait this article sketches of Andreas Lubitz is of a devious, “disturbed” madman who somehow concealed his [...]
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21 hours ago
Stillbirth, miscarriage and acute psychosis are among the problems experienced by pregnant women held in Yarl’s Wood immigration removal centre (G2, 4 March). Many of the pregnant women that the charity Medical Justice has assisted there said they received inadequate healthcare. One said she compl[...]
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21 hours ago
Andrew Hutchinson pleads guilty to attacks at Oxford’s John Radcliffe hospital and series of other sexual and voyeurism offencesA staff nurse has admitted raping three women, one aged just 18, in a hospital’s emergency department, as well as a series of other sexual and voyeurism offences.Andrew[...]
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22 hours ago
Sodexo, UK’s largest operator of privatised probation services, is to use cash-machine style kiosks to enable offenders to report in without seeing an officerThe largest UK private probation operator plans to allow offenders to report in at ATM-style electronic kiosks as part of cost-cutting plans[...]
Criminal Justice
22 hours ago
Organisation representing professionals tackling drug and alcohol abuse forced to shut after 15 years because of ‘worsening financial situation’DrugScope, the UK’s leading independent centre of drug and drug abuse expertise, is to close due to a lack of funds.The charity said that the decision[...]
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22 hours ago
Northumbria police receive 83 reports of domestic violence a day. On a busy Friday night in Tyne and Wear, we join a police patrol that has joined forces with a local women’s refuge to tackle the epidemic of abuseIn the sitting room of a 60s semi, Keith sits with his head in his hands, groaning qu[...]
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In honor of it’s 60th Anniversary in 2015 the National Association of Social Workers in April is launching a Twitter chat series. The Twitter chat series will give association members, the wider social work community and the public a chance to have a conversation with some of the leading social wo[...]

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