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Impact of wage restraints could lead to staffing shortfall of 42,000, says Health Foundation reportNHS workers will have had their pay cut by 12% by the end of the decade because of a government-imposed wage restraint that is now exacerbating chronic understaffing, new research reveals.The 625,000 h[...]
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ow do I get my business listed? Our directory features more than 18 million business listings from across the entire US. However, if we're missing your business, just click the button below to request that it be added.
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ew Delhi, Apr 29 (PTI) A circular issued by the Delhi University’s Department of Social Work (DSW) asking students to wear “proper dress” in the hostel’s common room has gone viral following which authorities said the direction was meant only for ...
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services success as well,” he said. Gurr said the city is looking at what Efficiency Smart can provide, as well as what other options might be for the city to further improve the system.
That’s already been a partial success, and the social via News 
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Stress levels are soaring at my fire brigade control room because our systems always crash and are riddled with errors. I worry lives are put at riskI have worked in a fire brigade control room for two decades – and things have changed drastically for the worst in the past two years. Now, every ti[...]
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centered” approach. “Detectives often end up making referrals and connecting potential victims with other social services more than developing prosecutable cases,” says CMPD Major Michael Adams. Last year a ...
CMPD follows what it calls a “victim via News 
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Around 350 patients who underwent treatment privately take civil action against Ian Paterson, who carried out needless breast operationsHundreds of private patients of a surgeon convicted of carrying out needless breast operations are seeking compensation after nearly £18m worth of claims were made[...]
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It's a lot of money going to a nonprofit. That troubles me," Piepkorn said. Tax records show that Lutheran Social Services, which manages the program, received more than $11 million in federal grants in 2015, of which nearly $3.9 million went to refugee ...
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or more information about mandatory reporting the county Health & Human Services Agency has information on its website at, or the California Department of Social Services website at
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A Reading-based club was duped out of £28,000, but Barclays was only able to recover £8.90. Other volunteer groups and charities should bewareTreasurers of community groups and small charities have been warned to be extremely wary after a youth football club was conned out of more than £28,000 by[...]
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By Alison Laurio, News contributor “Marijuana has lit up conversations and controversy across the country. It’s a hotly contested and complicated issue for states to weed through, and no doubt will remain high on legislative agendas for the foreseeable future,” the National Conference of State[...]

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          Leadership to Advance Cultural Competence: Everyone’s Responsibility Wednesday, April 26, 2017 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM   ET Credit Hours: 1  CEU(s) Presenter: Carol Bonner,EdD, MSW, MBA Vivian Jackson, PhD, ACSW, LICSW Moderator(s): Rita Webb, MSW This webinar builds upon the 2015 Re[...]
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The Republican Party has proposed reducing Medicaid spending through block grants or per capita grants. The National Association of Social Workers is against such a plan because reducing Medicaid services would harm a critical benefit to women, vulnerable populations and those living with chronic ph[...]