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Increase contributes to total mortality rate from drug poisoning rising to the highest level since comparable records began in 1983Heroin and morphine-related deaths have increased by almost two-thirds over the past two years, contributing to the mortality rate from drug poisoning rising to the high[...]
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Board members have to balance priorities of a Tory government, Labour councils, potential homeowners, those needing social housing and shareholdersHousing association boards are in a new era, one that requires the ability to juggle a huge range of demands. They must have something to offer that make[...]
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Managing a board well can be difficult, but keeping members engaged is essential if an organisation is to succeedIn any organisation, be it a charity, social enterprise, social business or housing association, the effectiveness of the board doesn’t just depend on who is sitting round the table, bu[...]
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European court of justice advocate general says Nicola Sturgeon’s plans for 50p-a-unit minimum risk infringing EU law on free tradeNicola Sturgeon’s plan to fix a minimum price for alcohol has suffered a huge blow after the European court’s top lawyer ruled it would risk infringing EU law on f[...]
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The unique situation of every family means there are few neat outcomes in social work. Instead, attention must be paid to how practitioners make decisionsSocial care has long been treated as healthcare’s junior partner, facing an uphill struggle to define itself as a credible, professional sector.[...]
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My clinical research in A&E showed me the vulnerable face of gangs and violence
It was my job one day to talk to a gang member. He was 18 and had been admitted to A&E with a fractured eye socket. Reports said he had instigated a fight and that he was known to be involved in street gangs. [...]
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he Philadelphia Archdiocese's 219 parishes are getting tickets. So will surrounding dioceses, other faith communities and some social service programs. Tickets will also be required for the pope's Sept. 26 speech outside Independence Hall, with 5,000 ...
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A significant number of people who die by suicide do not contact health or social services near the time of their death," Distress Centres Oakville and North Halton stated in a press release. "The stigma around mental illness is a major deterrent for ...
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but two weeks later, she received a call from social services. Saego had sent a letter to her children’s school claiming she was hooked on cocaine and was in a relationship with a drug dealer.
Georgia tried to focus on getting her life back on track via News 
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pokespeople from the Partnership's state partners, the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS), the Department of Children and Families (DCF) and the Department of Social Services (DSS) will provide updates. "DMHAS's mission is to ...
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ocial services chiefs say the increase in numbers has forced them to look elsewhere. Cllr Peter Oakford, cabinet member for children’s social services, said: “We need extra capacity as it is not possible to predict the number of unaccompanied asylum ...
General Social WorkChildren and Parenting
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functioning can have severe symptoms.” Sharon Francis, CEO of Channel Islands Social Services, which provides respite care and other support for people with autism and their families, notes that, “People can appear to be really ...
Even someone who is high via News 
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hink about it.” “Most of the small businesses or social service institutions that were destroyed and looted in Ferguson and Baltimore were either black owned or served heavily black populations,” she said. “Most of the people who now live in ...
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Researchers call for better diagnosis and treatment of mental illness for offenders in prison and after release Ex-prisoners with common mental health problems, such as bipolar disorder, and who misuse drugs and alcohol are more likely to commit violent offences after their release than other former[...]
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ow did I miss it back in 2013? “Short Term 12” could have been a painfully earnest “Afterschool Special” type of story, but instead it is an authentically touching, dramatic, comic, and intimate take on social work. Brie Larson is miraculous as a ...
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based social service providers available to support students and families and a list of legal resources. The school principal will also have the authority to ...
Under the policy, the school building principal will maintain a current list of community via News 
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Julian Bond, an icon of the Civil Rights Movement, passed away on Aug. 15. Ironically, Bond died less than 10 days after the 50th Anniversary of the Voters Rights Act. Bond fought for voting rights from the time he emerged as a national figure during the mid 1960’s when he served as the communicat[...]