7 hours ago
The bus driver’s son who helped Ed Miliband become Labour leader insists the general election is his top priority despite his interest in becoming the capital’s mayor
Inside the Sadiq Khan campaign HQ were parcels of flyers and posters half unpacked, milling volunteers, many stacks of sandwi[...]
Charities and Volunteerism
8 hours ago
Health secretary promises to fund NHS England boss’s five-year plan, which foresees total funding of £30bn, with £22bn to be found via efficiency savingsThe Conservative party will spend an extra £8bn on the NHS if it wins the general election to fund a five-year plan drawn up by its chief[...]
HealthHealth and CareGovernment Policy
9 hours ago
Group of 16 schools in Cheshire say allowing children to play games containing unsuitable levels of violence and sexual content is neglectfulHeadteachers have warned parents that they will report them to the police and social services for neglect if they allow their children to play computer games r[...]
EducationChildrenChildren and Pare
9 hours ago
Government reaches deal with GlaxoSmithKline on price of Bexsero, which was recommended by vaccination advisers a year agoAll babies in the UK will soon have a potentially life-saving vaccine against meningitis B under a landmark deal, the health secretary has announced.Jeremy Hunt said Britain woul[...]
HealthChildrenChildren and ParentingHealth and Care
11 hours ago
Fainting, twitching, nausea… What is really going on when a group – and it’s almost always teenage girls – exhibit real symptoms without organic cause? Carol Morley explains how her fascination with mass psychogenic illness led to her film The Falling, the story of a fainting epidemic at a g[...]
EducationHealth and CareMental Health
13 hours ago
Fundraising teams are not the necessary evil – we care about the cause as much as those on the front line delivering vital services
Related: As a charity professional, I dread being asked what I do for a living It might seem blindingly obvious but, for me, a third sector organisation cannot fu[...]
CareersCharitiesChildren and ParentingCharities and VolunteerismHealth and Care
19 hours ago
Behavioural research suggests that we are prone to inertia, says the author of Nudge – hence we need to nurture our ability to discriminateAll over the world, taxis have installed credit card touchscreens, which makes three possible tips visible and simple for customers to select with a quick “t[...]
19 hours ago
Londoners and tourists have enjoyed the oriental food and ambience in this city centre enclave since the 1950s. Now the red lanterns may soon vanish for everJon Man points at the busy KFC a few doors along from his own restaurant on Wardour Street, one of the small number of bustling streets that ma[...]
Children and Parenting
19 hours ago
Open University study finds marriage was a mercenary affair in the 18th centuryIt was the era when, according to popular myth, love came of age. In the 18th century, Romanticism swept Europe, colouring everything from literature and philosophy to the relationships between men and women. It was a per[...]
EducationHealth and CareWomens Issues
19 hours ago
Once your GP was always there when needed. Now you’d best plan illness well aheadAre you planning to read the party manifestos before the election? Have you ever done that? I haven’t. In fact, it was only two days ago that I learned of a promise from the Conservatives’ 2010 manifesto. I’m a [...]
19 hours ago
Urban gentrification is transforming the capital but neighbourhoods still need chippies and cheap Chinese and Indian restaurants to preserve characterOnly the most fervent of cheerleaders would claim that the food offering in London’s Chinatown is universally wonderful. Too many of the restaurants[...]
Housing and Poverty
19 hours ago
What Lubitz did doesn’t belong within a definition of depressionThe temptation, when pondering the actions of Germanwings pilot Andreas Lubitz, is to wonder at how our fellows are “unknowable”. For all the analysis, how close we will ever get to discerning what went on in Lubitz’s mind? Yet [...]
HealthMinorities and ImmigrationCriminal Justice
19 hours ago
As Brian Harvey speaks out on mental health, music industry is urged to protect its artistsThe former lead singer of the 1990s band East 17, Brian Harvey, considered suicide last month, has been on the verge of being evicted and cannot afford to heat his home, it has emerged in a radio interview tha[...]
HealthHealth and CareMental Health
23 hours ago
President of Royal College of Psychiatrists urges caution over calls for people suffering from depression to be prevented from working as pilotsBritain’s most senior psychiatrist has warned airline authorities to avoid a kneejerk reaction to the crash of the Germanwings flight, insisting that depr[...]
HealthEducationGerontologyMental Health
23 hours ago
Part-time work cuts study time, may be damaging to GCSE grades and might reduce motivation in lessons, new research suggestsThere was widespread praise for millionaire parents David and Victoria Beckham when it was revealed that they had sent their eldest son, Brooklyn, to do a few weekend shifts in[...]
ChildrenEducationChildren and Parenting
23 hours ago
PM paints stark choice between himself and leader of ‘sneering socialists’, while SNP demands Labour join in pledge to lock Tories out of No 10David Cameron has admitted that the result of the general election is on a knife edge as he delivered one of his fiercest, most personal attacks yet[...]
23 hours ago
Figures in letter to shadow justice secretary show increase in hostage taking and the use of specialist teams to quell riotingHostage incidents and disturbances across the country’s jails are rising sharply, intensifying fears that Britain’s prisons are at crisis point. The mounting unrest has s[...]
Criminal Justice

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In honor of it’s 60th Anniversary in 2015 the National Association of Social Workers in April is launching a Twitter chat series. The Twitter chat series will give association members, the wider social work community and the public a chance to have a conversation with some of the leading social wo[...]

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NASW Press has released the tenth edition of Social Work Speaks. The publication presents, in one comprehensive and unabridged collection, the policy statements adopted by the NASW Delegate Assembly in 2014. The Delegate Assembly, the key policymaking body of the National Association of Social Worke[...]
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By Paul R. Pace, News staff Cynthia Fernan came to Capitol Hill on a chilly January morning and informed federal lawmakers that she is an employed 19-year-old student from the Focus Learning Academy Southwest in Columbus, Ohio. “I am also a couch surfer,” she said. Fernan is homeless and has bee[...]