1 hour ago
Alan Milburn calls for teaching ‘fast stream’ to allow good teachers to be promoted rapidly if they spend time in disadvantaged schoolsTop-quality teachers willing to work in disadvantaged areas should be paid an extra 25% to do so, the chair of the social mobility and child poverty commission h[...]
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1 hour ago
Political and international support is growing for the idea that the high cost capital should have a higher wage floor level than the rest of the UK
Casual complaints about “rich London” ignore the hard time many Londoners have making ends meet. In her latest piece of research into the capita[...]
PovertyHousing and Poverty
2 hours ago
Rising rents and a shortage of affordable housing blamed for households being forced into B&Bs and the hands of private landlordsThe number of families living in temporary accommodation in England rose by more than a quarter in the three years to the end of 2014, official figures show.Rising pri[...]
HousingHousing and Poverty
3 hours ago
Will Ferrell’s new film Get Hard is underpinned by an uneasy homophobia that takes comedy back to a pre-bromance eraIn the new Will Ferrell/Kevin Hart comedy Get Hard, an appealing comic premise is established in a slick studio comedy manner, complete with trailer-ready sight gags and a radio-frie[...]
Criminal Justice
4 hours ago
Labour risks repeating the mistakes of the former Tory health secretary by diving into wholesale reforms
For the second time in five years we are on the cusp of having a new health secretary with a compelling vision for the NHS. In 2010, Andrew Lansley’s vision was to push managers aside and pu[...]
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4 hours ago
Ashers Bakery in court over refusal on religious grounds to bake themed cake for Northern Ireland’s first openly gay mayorEquality legislation aimed at preventing discrimination on grounds of sexuality, religion, race, age or gender cannot have any exceptions, the court case concerning the “gay [...]
Criminal Justice
5 hours ago
Many people in the Yorkshire town do not know their local MP, feel let down by politicians and are disillusioned ahead of the electionThe man with the chainsaw in Dewsbury was in no mood for chatting to the Labour canvassers on his estate. “Miliband? No chance. He’s not a leader, is he?” said [...]
Health and CareCriminal JusticeWomens Issues
6 hours ago
For years politicians have applied sticking plasters to the health system rather than consider the long term – time to treat the system as a wholeEmergency departments across the country have just endured one of the toughest winter periods on record. Waiting time breaches reached record highs, eme[...]
HealthHealth and CareGovernment Policy
6 hours ago
We examine the landscape of charity finance over the last 25 years Continue reading...
CharitiesCharities and Volunteerism
6 hours ago
Inspection plan risks finding widespread ‘failure’ as Ofsted unlikely to recognise the multi-agency approach needed for protecting children
Ofsted has had a difficult time recently. It has been castigated by the Commons education select committee for its apparent inability to identify problem[...]
ChildrenChildrenChildren and ParentingEducation
6 hours ago
This week students have staged protests across London. We joined them to find out why
In our “Virgin voters” series, we listen to what young people and first-time voters have to say about the election issues that matter most to them. This week students have been protesting to demand a fairer [...]
7 hours ago
We must oppose the tyranny of the bureaucratic state. Power should be devolved from Whitehall not just to the town hall, but also to communities and individualsFor our generation of Labour politicians, the new Labour politics of the state is about putting power in the hands of people. It leaves the [...]
Children and ParentingHealth and Care
7 hours ago
The public wants a high-quality health service and low taxes. Neither Labour nor the Tories have been brave enough to say that we can’t have bothThe wonder of the NHS is its remarkable resilience. It’s no surprise that waiting times are higher than for years, A&E targets missed by miles and [...]
HealthHealth and CareGovernment Policy
9 hours ago
Older people are taken for granted by politicians and only seem to be heard at election time. That’s why we need a minister of our ownIt turns out that our prime minister has bigger worries than letting slip that he doesn’t fancy a third term in Downing Street. He was heckled at Age UK’s confe[...]
10 hours ago
With a pension-funded buy-to-let boom expected, younger and poorer people could find a property of their own even more of a pipe dreamJust as you thought it couldn’t get any worse, it does. For young people already struggling to reach the bottom rung of the housing ladder, it looks to be pulled up[...]
PolicyHousing and Poverty
10 hours ago
A fragmented system doesn’t give patients the best outcomes but it remains to be seen if the current trials can avoid previous mistakesHard on the heels of the announcement of the devolution of NHS powers in Greater Manchester comes news of the first wave of 29 “vanguard” sites for the new car[...]
11 hours ago
‘When you take pictures of children with guns, they’re often aggressive, but this boy posed in a defensive, frightened way’In the late 1960s, an old schoolmate of mine started doing art projects with young kids. In one, they examined their dreams and used them as the inspiration for paintings [...]
ChildrenChildren and ParentingEducationMental Health
11 hours ago
Thousands of Lewisham residents have signed a letter to save the health service from private market providers
The Save Lewisham hospital campaign has this month given a very clear message to our clinical commissioning group (CCG): we want care, not competition – do not sacrifice our clinical s[...]
PolicyHealthHealth and CareGovernment Policy
11 hours ago
HMRC cant recruit expertise, Defence can’t get scientists … only the public sector seeks to recruit and retain highly marketable skills with bargain basement payIt may feel as if this government, and a number of its predecessors, see the market as the solution to all public sector ills – real [...]
11 hours ago
A leading Labour policy thinker has re-made the case for demolishing and rebuilding council-owned housing estates. But has he underplayed the drawbacks?
In general, people would prefer not to have their homes knocked down. You wouldn’t and neither would I. They would sooner not to be told to pa[...]
HousingHousing and PovertyEducationGerontology
12 hours ago
From choosing a cause to building a sustainable future – data gathered from across the world reveals the latest trends in individual givingThe best way to understand philanthropy worldwide is, unsurprisingly, to ask a philanthropist. For the third year in a row, the BNP Paribas Individual Philanth[...]
13 hours ago
Sydney's King's Cross has changed dramatically since strict lockout and alcohol-sale laws were introduced just over a year ago – but for better or for worse? We spoke to a trauma doctor, a party promoter, a substance abuse expert and a former teenage raver (now Guardian designer) about Sydney's tr[...]
19 hours ago
Increasing numbers of obese cats, dogs and rabbits are developing similar health problems to overweight humans, says animal charity the PDSAThe number of fat cats - and dogs and rabbits - is expected to outstrip healthy ones within five years, as pet obesity rates continue to rise across the country[...]
Charities and VolunteerismHealth and Care
19 hours ago
Preston tops list of city centres with the most harmful businesses, such as tanning salons, betting shops and fast-food outlets
More and more of Britain’s high streets are being taken over by tanning salons, fast food takeaways, bookmakers and other businesses that can damage people’s physica[...]
HealthHealth and CareMental Health
19 hours ago
Waiting times are growing, hospital-acquired infections are at risk of rising and no parties have committed to addressing funding shortfall, says King’s Fund
The NHS has declined so much since 2013 that patient care is at risk of deteriorating, treatment targets are routinely being missed and i[...]
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NASW Press has released the tenth edition of Social Work Speaks. The publication presents, in one comprehensive and unabridged collection, the policy statements adopted by the NASW Delegate Assembly in 2014. The Delegate Assembly, the key policymaking body of the National Association of Social Worke[...]

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By Paul R. Pace, News staff Cynthia Fernan came to Capitol Hill on a chilly January morning and informed federal lawmakers that she is an employed 19-year-old student from the Focus Learning Academy Southwest in Columbus, Ohio. “I am also a couch surfer,” she said. Fernan is homeless and has bee[...]
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Experts say social workers can help educate public By Rena Malai, News staff There are people who still aren’t quite sure how HIV/AIDS is transmitted, and are afraid of what it means, says NASW member Melissa Sellevaag, manager for Youth and Family Care Navigation at Whitman-Walker Health in Washi[...]