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Health experts claim even moderate exercise can reduce ageing and halve risk of dying from heart attackJust 25 minutes of brisk walking a day can add up to seven years to your life, health experts have said. Researchers told the European Society of Cardiology congress that regular exercise could red[...]
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Jeremy Corbyn has yet again shown substance in policy in his proposal to end the burden of PFI on health authorities (Opinion, 27 August). I live in the small social housing element of the Quartermile district of Edinburgh. It is the site of the old Edinburgh Royal hospital and now a gleaming new ci[...]
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Classes run by arts charity Create improve health and brighten lives but future of programme is threatened by social care spending cutsPaula Sanders may have arrived at the dancing class inadvertently but by the end she says she feels like the belle of the ball.With a disco tune throbbing from a boo[...]
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UK’s largest care home operator to consider all options as ‘national living wage’ is said to add to financial pressuresFours Seasons Health Care, Britain’s biggest care home operator, has launched a financial review after second-quarter losses surged to £26m, raising fresh fears over t[...]
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ut it’s another thing to experience it. And this experience drives the point home that although Saudi Arabia is a wealthy nation with a long history of providing social services to its citizen, it offers virtually no helping hand to the disabled to ...
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ocial Services Minister Scott Morrison, who is widely considered to be one of the government's star performers, would likely be elevated to the Treasury post and Mr Hockey would be offered another portfolio. The Liberal Party holds the seat of Canning ...
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he improvements that have been noticed today in the power sector, in national security, and in social services and other sectors did not occur overnight. They are products of solid foundations laid by the same Jonathan administration. Contrary to what the ...
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e established nine “Centers of Hope” with social services and activities in abandoned community centers, and enlisted downtown institutions, such as the Devils and the Performing Arts Center, to bring programs to the neighborhoods. Well before ...
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ut teachers shouldn’t be expected to provide mental health care, Ladd said, even though many are pressed into the social work and therapy role as budgets shrink. While the American School Counselor Association recommends 250 students to 1 counselor ...
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Pretenders singer condemned after saying it can be a woman’s fault if she is raped, and blamed herself for performing sexual acts under threat of violenceSinger Chrissie Hynde has been criticised for saying it can be a woman’s fault if she is raped. The Pretenders star, 63, said she blamed herse[...]
17 hours ago
Findings are explained as a possible result of women tending to be older when they suffer heart attacks and the fact that they are more likely to be diabeticWomen are more likely to die following heart attack treatment than men, research has found.
They are also less likely to have an angioplas[...]
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Are you ever too old to become a mum? Two of the growing number of older mothers reveal the pros and cons of starting late. Yvonne Roberts, who gave birth at 46, wonders if our obsession with choice is helping us, while Sarah Crowley talks of her joy at starting a family at 50In 1971, writing in The[...]
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based company that operates ... Lutheran has set aside an unspecified amount of funding to hire one nurse for Saginaw and one social work navigator for Cadillac to monitor patients at home and provide care ...
Lutheran Social Services of Michigan, a Detroit via News 
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he reason is that Sweden, when one gets past the high taxes and the cradle to grave social services, has a free market system that is, in some ways, much better than the one that exists in the United States. “When Sanders starts advocating free trade ...
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It’s partly an environmental decision. It’s something we believe in,” Jean Cashman, an associate professor of social work at the University of Maine Presque Isle, said. Her husband is a retired soil conservationist with the U.S. Department of ...
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We only ever ask for a small donation and charities are trying to make the world a better place – it shouldn’t meet with abuseI’m a face-to-face street fundraiser for a UK charity and I would like to address the stigma we face. My colleagues and I genuinely believe in helping people, and that[...]
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appreciate our graduates. I appreciate our programs and the staff who run them. Similar scenes unfold in committed social service agencies and programs across our city, where disparities in health, criminal justice, education and poverty are addressed.
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Julian Bond, an icon of the Civil Rights Movement, passed away on Aug. 15. Ironically, Bond died less than 10 days after the 50th Anniversary of the Voters Rights Act. Bond fought for voting rights from the time he emerged as a national figure during the mid 1960’s when he served as the communicat[...]