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Conservative MP for Shipley in West Yorkshire, Philip Davies, speaks for more than 90 minutes in the House of Commons on Friday in an attempt to derail a vote on ratifying a treaty on domestic violence. Davies failed to block the measure, aimed at putting pressure on the government to ratify the Ist[...]
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Diversity has long been an issue at the Oscars, which are due to be awarded on Sunday. Last year’s #OscarsSoWhite campaign highlighted the lack of racial diversity. But disability has been overlooked in this debate, with even less of a voice for people with a learning disability. The pool of talen[...]
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Owner of property near Buckingham Palace seeks urgent possession notice after group occupied third building in BelgraviaThe high court granted a possession order on Friday against a group of squatters who are occupying a £14m mansion opposite Buckingham Palace. The case to remove them was fast-trac[...]
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nd certain fields, such as teaching, social work, art and writing, don't pay well despite being geared toward people with college degrees, Rose notes. In addition, certain minority groups can't count on college to provide as much opportunity as students ...
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riginally from upstate New York, Preston earned her Bachelor’s Degree in social work from Old Dominion University in Virginia and currently resides in Kirkland.
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olid marriages leading to solid families predictably benefit their broader communities, entire nations, actually: fewer people requiring social services, a more educated populace, civil behavior encouraged, criminal activity discouraged; on and on the ...
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Families contend with fallout of president’s decision to roll back protections for students’ use of bathrooms and locker rooms aligning with identityKimberly Shappley was fighting back tears. It was the morning after the Trump administration rolled back Obama-era protections allowing transgender[...]
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Collaboration with Europe is crucial to future breakthroughs, say cancer experts including Nobel prize winner Sir Paul Nurse
British cancer patients could be left “significantly disadvantaged” by the UK’s departure from the EU, leading oncologists have said, as collaboration with European s[...]
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Davis, an assistant professor at the Brown School of Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis, explaining that to this administration, “Privatization of just about everything is ...
“I really think this is a philosophy issue,” says Carrie Pettus via News 
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erhaps unsurprisingly, given the burdens placed on the library, a member of a social services team is stationed at the facility several hours each week. Norman Rutherford acknowledged how far the Castro branch is from the stereotypical notion of libraries ...
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rovision of accessible and qualitative health care and social service delivery; rural development and community extension services. Akeredolu of the APC defeated Eyitayo Jegede of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the November 26, 2016 gubernatorial ...
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A review of World Health Organisation classifications is a chance to put an end to trans people being pathologisedIt was in November 28 years ago when I saw a psychiatrist for the first time. I was 17. The school year was just finishing and I lived in Córdoba, Argentina, with my father and siblings[...]
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Twenty countries aim to raise $600m to fill gap left by Donald Trump’s ban on funding for pro-abortion NGOs in developing worldThe Dutch government has voiced hope that the UK will join 20 countries to set up a safe abortion fund to fill the gap left by Donald Trump’s “global gag rule”.Lilia[...]
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Urbanisation is linked to a range of health issues; improving the health of people in cities is a central concern of government and international institutionsThe relentless growth of urban populations is driving city and national governments to increase access to healthcare while tackling the root c[...]
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Deciding who to save in the 2005 Pakistan earthquake was heartbreaking. We couldn’t reach little Ama in timeIt felt like the beginning of Mission Impossible 2. I was rock climbing with my oldest son when my phone rang. It was my team leader, telling me there had been a serious earthquake in Pakist[...]
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Existing eviction problems are going to get worse as US housing becomes more unaffordable and the country loses construction skills If 2016 was characterised by political shocks and a yearning for a past that never existed, 2017 looks to be the year when politicians who promised to protect the inter[...]
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Anti-FGM campaigner Nimco Ali advised the makers of the BBC One drama on the episode, which is loosely based on the experiences of her relativesThis Sunday’s episode of Call The Midwife (BBC1 8pm) will chart new territory as the sisters of Nonnatus House tackle female genital mutilation in 1960’[...]
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is conviction was the first in Ulster County for child trafficking since the county Department of Social Services was selected to receive funds under the Safe Harbour Program run the by state Office for Family and Child Services, Carnright said.
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profit organizations. There are six major settlement houses on the Lower East Side.
She wants $4 million to support community via News 
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he allegations of child rape were brought to the prosecutor by both the Social Services and Migration Board as the man and the woman in question are migrants from Syria. The man, born in 1987, and the young girl, born in 1999, were married in Syria in ...
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his child looked like that.” The severity of his starvation stands out to Kohr. He says Hoopingarner had access to social services if his caregivers would have provided them. Dr. Kohr compared it to being trapped in your own body. “ … can not ...
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In Rudong, where a third of the population is over 60, a university for older people is one solution to a changing demographic It has been dubbed the “grey wall of China”, a demographic shift so big you can almost see it from space.The world’s most populous country is getting old. Plummeting b[...]
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By Alison Laurio, News contributor When Samantha Teixeira was at the University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work earning her MSW and then her Ph.D., she and a young black man walked up to a high school where the entry door was locked. “He rang the bell, and they wouldn’t let him in,” she sa[...]

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In the United States, around 70% of deaths take place in hospital or other institutional settings (e.g., hospice). Hospitals need to handle the unique business of postmortem care: end-of-life needs, care of the decedent’s body, permission for autopsy, release of the body to the funeral home, and q[...]