5 hours ago
Stressful jobs, long hours and shift work can negatively impact on diet and fitness. But eating better and exercising more can aid sleep and boost energy levelsYou’ve had a long day. Your stomach is rumbling and you’re exhausted. What’s the first thing you grab to eat? Most likely it’s a mic[...]
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7 hours ago
Whitehall can expect huge cuts in the emergency budget but there is scope for major efficiencies in procurement and shared servicesWith UK chancellor George Osborne so keen to balance the nation’s books, unprotected Whitehall departments can expect cuts of £13bn by 2020 in next week’s emer[...]
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11 hours ago
Serco capitalised on decades of government privatisation before scandal and mismanagement made it a poster-child for the dangers of outsourcing. Now it’s struggling for survivalSerco used to be the biggest company you had never heard of. For three decades it grew in the borderlands between the sta[...]
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13 hours ago
service agencies ... seeking a degree in social work. Hers is an encouraging story ...
Along with other SNN reporters, I wrote about the burden of poverty for Kent County public via News 
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17 hours ago
Service must ditch target-driven policing in wake of child abuse scandals, according to Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of ConstabularyThe police service must change its culture to respond to the shocking scale of child abuse in society and put the protection of children at the heart of its work, inspe[...]
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18 hours ago
Dong-Pyou Han, who spiked rabbit blood with human antibodies to suggest major progress toward a vaccine, must pay $7.2m to US governmentA former Iowa State University scientist who altered blood samples to make it appear he had achieved a breakthrough toward a potential vaccine against HIV was sente[...]
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21 hours ago
The actor posted a series of tweets on Tuesday night and Wednesday criticizing Jerry Brown and the new California law requiring every child be vaccinatedActor Jim Carrey has attacked California governor Jerry Brown over the state’s new law requiring every child to be vaccinated.The law, passed by [...]
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21 hours ago
Health secretary announces measure aimed at encouraging patients to complete course of medication and minimise wasteAll drugs costing more than £20 that the NHS issues to patients will have their price written on them in a drive to encourage people to complete the full course of medication.Fro[...]
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21 hours ago
New definition will have moral, judgmental dimension, as campaigners say further stigmatising single parent families will do nothing to tackle the issueIs poverty caused by not having any money, or is it the result of lifestyle choices like “unstable relationships” and “debt and addiction”? [...]
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21 hours ago
Prince Alwaleed bin Talal says the money will go to programmes promoting health, modernisation, intercultural understanding and empowering womenA Saudi billionaire has announced one of the biggest philanthropic gestures in history, promising to donate all his $32bn (£20bn) wealth to charity ov[...]
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2 days ago
After the mass shooting on June 19 at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C.,  the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) issued a statement saying it would support initiatives to end racism in our nation, enact sensible gun control laws, and improve delivery of menta[...]

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6 days ago
The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) applauds the U.S. Supreme Court for a ruling today that clears the way for same-sex couples to marry in all 50 states. In a 5-4 majority opinion written by Justice Kennedy in Obergerfell v. Hodges, the court held that the Fourteenth Amendment require[...]
6 days ago
Today, the Supreme Court ruled in a 5-4 decision that the disparate impact provision in the Fair Housing Act of 1968 is indeed constitutional and is a necessary tool for eliminating housing discrimination.  This case did not receive a great deal of attention from the media, but it was one of the mo[...]
6 days ago
Today, the Supreme Court made a monumental decision on a challenge to the federal Affordable Care Act (ACA). In a 6-3 ruling, the Court dismissed the contention that providing subsidies to low-income persons to purchase health care through the ACA was not proper due to lack of specific authorization[...]
1 week ago
The National Association of Social Workers, South Carolina Chapter (NASW-SC), extends its heartfelt sympathies to the families and friends of the victims of the massacre at Charleston’s Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston. When a hate crime such as this happens in our state, it happens to all [...]