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19 hours ago
y Rena Malai, News staff When Evelyn Scott’s daughter, Jasmine, told her they should go to graduate school together, she thought Jasmine was kidding. “It started as a joke,” Evelyn Scott said. “But going to grad school was on my bucket list, so we made a Christmas plan in 2013 to apply toge[...]


7 hours ago
Still wondering whether to enter the charity awards? Five previous winners share what winning meant for them and their organisationThe Guardian Charity Awards have offered much-needed publicity, funding and support to small and medium-sized UK charities since 1993. The winners gain national recognit[...]
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7 hours ago
We have to ask ourselves some serious questions about why the College of Social Work failed – and start looking a little closer to homeIn January, I predicted that 2015 could be a big year for social work. While challenges have and will come up, 2015 is shaping up to be a big year for the professi[...]
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8 hours ago
Suburbia has long been plagued with bad architecture that discourages exercise, but similar mistakes are blighting neighbourhoods for city dwellers tooWe all want to be fit, healthy and happy but the best intentions – whether it’s to jog to the shops, eat a balanced diet or strike a better work-[...]
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8 hours ago
For every one who requests shoes, there are many more with conditions such as allergies, acne, depression and IBS which are on the rise
When patients attend GP surgeries after just one day of ill-health or an ill-informed session with Dr Google, it’s easy to assume that the blame for the seemin[...]
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9 hours ago
Sir Michael Wishaw is right: we need to watch out for children taken out of school and at risk. But schools need a local community support system around them for this to workSir Michael Wilshaw, the chief inspector of schools, has drawn attention to problems in monitoring children taken out of schoo[...]
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9 hours ago
At a fundraising lunch for Care Australia, Kelly spoke of her trip in July to Vanuatu to see how people were rebuilding their lives after cyclone PamIn her first public speech since resigning as the chief executive of Westpac in February, Gail Kelly has highlighted the violence and inequality faced [...]
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14 hours ago
Meryl Streep, Kate Winslet, Emma Thompson and Lena Dunham among signatories of letter arguing that policy change would ‘legalise pimping’A host of Hollywood stars, including Oscar-winning actors Meryl Streep, Kate Winslet and Emma Thompson, have lent their support to a campaign demanding that Am[...]
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14 hours ago
The most recent figures from the Victorian commission for gambling and liquor regulation show that Victorians lost more than $2.57bn on poker machines in the last year, 2.7% greater than the previous financial year. Here, you can see the losses by local government area, adjusted for population. Clic[...]
16 hours ago
Labour-led administration must do more to protect citizens from impact of policies such as bedroom tax, says Welsh assembly committeeThe Labour-led Welsh government must take on a stronger leadership role to counter the effects of UK-wide welfare changes including the bedroom tax on vulnerable peopl[...]
17 hours ago
Researchers say such babies, born weighing less than 1,500g or before 32 weeks of pregnancy, are more likely to grow into introverted and risk-averse adults
Children who were born very prematurely or were very underweight at birth are at risk of growing up to become introverted, neurotic and risk[...]
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19 hours ago
Lack of jobs and welfare policies of successive governments blamed by Acoss head for ‘alarming’ numbers of people out of work for more than 12 monthsThe welfare policies of the current and previous federal governments are to blame for high levels of long-term unemployment, the Australian Council[...]
19 hours ago
UK HomeCare Association, representing firms supporting 880,000 older and disabled people, says increases in staff costs could see businesses go bust
Firms supporting 880,000 older and disabled people have warned that the costs of introducing a “national living wage” could trigger “catastrop[...]
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20 hours ago
Giles Fraser’s article about how the police have become the social service of last resort – and in particular a substitute mental healthcare service – would be laughable if it wasn’t true (Loose canon, 25 July).Reductions in the provision of care for vulnerable people with mental health prob[...]
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20 hours ago
The future of work is the elephant in the room in the Labour leadership contest (Editorial, 25 July). The pace of change has been scary and can only continue. Zero-hours contracts are just the visible part of a huge shift in work practices, as the traditional job-for-life makes way for a casualised,[...]
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20 hours ago
The effective use of patient data is of critical importance to improving healthcare delivery, service design and medical research in the NHS. Your story (PM plans patient data grab in proposals for seven-day NHS, 22 July) highlights the critical need for clearly defined and robust governance process[...]
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20 hours ago
When I was a lad I, together with other sufferers from various disabilities and deformities, attended the Royal Cripples hospital here in Birmingham (When Crossword clues clash with the Guardian style guide, 27 July). At some juncture in the 1970s the name was changed to the Royal Orthopaedic hospit[...]
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20 hours ago
Discrimination and challenges faced by UK trans people to be investigated in areas including education, health and criminal justice A landmark parliamentary inquiry into transgender equality in the UK has been launched in order to assess levels of transphobia, access to NHS services and issues affec[...]
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21 hours ago
Hospital trust says ‘no significant risk to public health’ as two patients are isolated, suspected to be suffering from respiratory virusThe accident and emergency department at Manchester’s main hospital was closed for more than two hours on Monday afternoon after two patients were suspected [...]
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By Rena Malai, News staff When Evelyn Scott’s daughter, Jasmine, told her they should go to graduate school together, she thought Jasmine was kidding. “It started as a joke,” Evelyn Scott said. “But going to grad school was on my bucket list, so we made a Christmas plan in 2013 to apply toge[...]

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Since the beginning of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, professional social workers have worked in communities across the United States to identify and respond to the complex psychosocial and environmental issues of persons living with and/or affected by HIV/AIDS. Social workers are committed to promoting ski[...]
3 days ago
The White House Office on National AIDS Policy (ONAP) will be releasing the updated National HIV/AIDS Strategy (NHAS) on July 30. The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) has long been a supporter of this strategy and looks forward to the updates. Since the beginning of the HIV/AIDS pandemi[...]
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By Rena Malai, News staff Three social workers — U.S. Sen. Barbara Milkulski, D-Md.; Congressional Social Work Caucus Chairwoman U.S. Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Calif.; and U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich. — are included in a book called “Powerful Women: The 25 Most Influential Women in Congress,[...]